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I hate Bill Engvall

Do you think Bill Engvall realizes how annoying those “commercials” on TBS are? for the 3rd time this week, I was watching something on TBS (This time it was Family Guy) and right in the middle of the scene, you hear this ass start laughing, and all of a sudden bill engvall is “pausing” the show and telling you to watch his crap show. It is the most annoying commercial I have ever seen. It not only makes me never want to see his lame show (well…I never did want to see it) but also not watch TBS either.

knight rider

I am both saddened and appalled by the news that knight rider is coming back to TV.

sans David Hasselhoff (except for a guest appearance)
sans William Daniels (voice of kitt….aka Mr Feeny)
sans the firebird.

I love the nice rice rocket spoiler on the back…oh wait…dual gay spoilers! I wonder how the plastic ground effects on the car will handle gun fire. It doesnt look like a molecular bonded shell to me.

And look at the interior. This is the lamest interior ever. I think they took the normal mustang, and just swapped out the steering wheel for a slightly more gay one.

KITT remote interior

how can you have a knight rider show with none of the cast?

better yet, how can they call the car in the new show “KITT”?

ohhh……lucky for them the number two and the number three both begin with the letter “t”. The new “car” is a Knight Industries Three Thousand…not one of those old outdated two thousands.

No wonder David Hasselhoff was all drunk and wasted in that video on youtube.

god…..a mustang….what a load of crap.

Read about it here

things I am sick of hearing about

1. The iPhone
2. Harry Potter
3. Ron Paul
4. The iPod
5. everything else

opie and anthony got suspended

This completely kills my drive home from work and most of my drive into work.

Opie & Anthony Suspended from XM Radio

30 days? and not even best of’s? This just days after getting my car back from the shop.

And so the free world ends…

why oh why google

I cant describe how dissapointed I am with google for changing the name of their personalized homepage product to “iGoogle”.

thats so iGay

the iPod as a flight data recorder

what a horrible horrible horrible idea this is. Why would anyone want to use an iPod as a black box for an airplane. What exactly is the advantage? oh, sorry, we couldn’t log any of the flight information because I just downloaded the entire Van Halen discography and ran out of space”. Is there really a need for portable flight data recorders? are you ever waiting in traffic and say “shit! i wish I had all the data from yesterdays flight with me so I could listen to it”. I really hope that “real” black boxes dont use cheap commodity hard drives with absolutely no shock resistance built into them.

Then again, i guess since everything in the aeronautics industry is overpriced, the iPod would probably fit in nicely.

god i hate iPods. Actually, I hate stupid looking red planes too

Valentines Day

I decided to get flowers delivered to Aimees work for valentines day (I know, real original). I saw some that looked interesting on, and ended up ordering the below “arrangement” to be delivered by an “authorized teleflora florist” near her work.

This is what I ordered:

Sweet Thoughts


This is what she got:

valentines day flowers

What the hell? they didn’t even call me to say they were out, or whatever their reasoning is. They just decided that even though I paid for one thing, they would just deliver whatever they felt like. What is the point of the website then? why not just have one item and call it the “whatever the hell we feel like throwing together bouquet”

landlord from hell

I decided over the weekend I can't take my landlord any more. So when my lease is up in december, we are high tailing it out of there. For those that don't know, I live in medford in a fairly nice 2 family. It is owned by an old italian couple that live on the 1st floor. I am on the 2nd floor.

The big problem is that the italian couple doesn't "get it". When you decide you want to rent out property, there are some sacrifices you have to make, especially when you live in the same building as the property you are renting out. It may not always be dead quiet. You are going to know other people live in the same building. That is just how it works.

Since moving in last december, this is the list of complaints my landlord has brought to my attention:

  1. Doing laundry too much – The apartment came with a washer and dryer…located in the cellar. The dryer has a bad pulley in it and squeaked like crazy. Understandibly annoying to have to listen to, but you cant really hear it from upstairs, and it being noisy is a differant problem than doing laundry too much. My father helped me place all the pulleys and belts in the dryer and it has been as good as new. Also, even if we are doing laundry too much, I pay for the electricty and gas, so it is none of their concern.
  2. The dryer creates lint – both before and after every load of laundry going through the dryer, both aimee and I check the lint trap and empty it out. Not onto the floor, into a trash barrel.  I come home one day and old man rings the door bell and asks me to go into the cellar so he can give me a good talkin' to.  There is lint all over the ground, and I had been noticing it magically appear on the ground every once in a while. Not like a couple little pieces, but like a massive piece, like if you were to take the lint trap right after washing a bunch of brand new towels, and just peel it off onto the ground. I know I didn't do it, and I know aimee didn't do it, which leaves either old man or his wife. He starts yelling about how he cant open the window to let some air in because it will blow "all the lint" under the furnace. I tell him he put the lint there and then an argument ensued. He then complained that I dont empty the waste basket I put down there often enough. It just has lint and like a detergent bottle in it. It had just become close to full that week and the detergent bottle was thrown in. Oddly enough after I called him out on checking our laundry, the lint miraculously never appeared on the ground again. By the way, my way of fixing the problem after he yelled at me was to go and replace the waste basket with a much bigger one, and then vacuum that whole part of the cellar.
  3. blowing a circuit – Normally when you move into a place, you have easy…or at least some form of access to the breaker panel so that in the event you blow a circuit, you can go and reset it. Not in this place. It is an old house with old wiring and barely any outlets. Maybe 1, occasionally 2 per room. And more than 1 one is on a circuit. In winter, since some of the old windows, and actually most of the new cheap replacement windows were drafty, I got that plastic stuff that you can put over the windows with tape, and then you use a hair dryer to shrink wrap it onto the windows to get a tight fit. Apparantly using the dryer for the 15 minutes that I was using it was enough to blow the circuit (with the TV and 2 computers, a DVR, a receiver…etc). That was when I discovered it was all on the same circuit, and that I didn't have a fuse box anywhere. So I call old guy, he meets me downstairs, where he complains about the "last tenant never had that problem" and how he "doesn't know what we are doing up there". Keep in mind he has a real thick italian accent. It is real hard to understand what he is even saying. I had said to him I was putting up that window plastic with the hair dryer, told him the whole story, and his response was that whole thing about the last tenant never having that problem. then he ranted about that for a couple minutes then turned the circuit back on. The fuse box is on his part of the cellar, which is like a finished area all closed off, kind of like a parlor or something with a couch, TV, little kitchen, and a fire place. He is down there all day watching TV to avoid his wife.
  4.  The rent check – they have an insane italian last name, and we spelled it wrong a couple times. He explained how the bank wont take the check if it is spelled wrong (sure…the bank refuses to take checks if there is annnnything wrong at all..) He then gave us a business card of his so that it "wont happen again". We are so afraid of doing anything wrong, I dont think there has been one month that the rent check wasn't under their door by 8am the day it was due..if not a couple days before. I can only imagine what would happen if we were any later.
  5. The trash barrel smells – This may come as a suprise, but trash barrels hold trash. Despite your best efforts, every once in a while something not fun will leak out of the trash bag into the barrel. When it is hot out, trash barrels smells. This is the way it works. My one trash barrel is alongside the side of the house, where he told me to put it. Then he complains to me that it smells and that it is right under their bedroom window. He told me to put it there, but then I had to go and wash the barrel to make him happy. Apparantly that is not ok, but spreading cow manure all over his yard is fine. I come how from work on a hot day, and it reaks of cow shit. The front yard is full of flowers and plants, the side of the house is all plants, and the back yard has a big garden. All covered in shit. But god forbid my trash barrel smells like trash
  6. Ice cream on the stairs – Aimee threw out an ice cream container that still had some ice cream in it. It melted, and then leaked out of the trash bag when I brought it outside. I didn't see that it had melted, but then, since it was in the winter and cold, froze onto the stairs and walk way. There was a drop every couple of feet. he made me go wash it off in the middle of the night.
  7. drum set – Since there is not a prayer in hell of me being able to play my real drum set, I have an electronic drum set that I have setup in the extra bedroom. All you can hear is a light tapping sound when I use it. Trying to be careful, when I set it up, I got the think rubber floor tiles like you would find in a gym, and then put a thick carpet on top of that, and then set the drum set up on top. i figured maybe it would help deaden whatever sound you could hear. I had been afraid to really use it since the guy is a psycho, and as a rule, for the most part after 7pm is quiet time. Aimee and I decided on 7 just to be good since the psycho old people are…old people. We don' do laundry after 7 either. So this saturday at like 1pm I figured I would play the electronic drum set for a while. Maybe 5 minutes into it at the most, the door bell rings. Old guy starts yelling at me. He tells me "you have to think about what you are doing" and "if you want to do what you want, then go buy your own house". After he says that over and over again a bunch of times, he then says that his wife noticed in the trash a couple weeks ago a box for a grill, and wanted to know if we had one. I explained to him that it is a george forman grill, and that it is electric, and made to be used indoors. He then gets unhappy and wants to see it. I show it to him. It is about the same size as one of those circular charcoal grills, except it is a george foreman grill, and can be taken off the stand if you want to use it indoors so you can put it on the counter. Despite that fact, he goes on that you cant use it indoors because of the smoke. It creates the same amount of smoke as if I used the damn stove. Actually, the stove is probably worse because it is a gas stove and at the very least creates carbon monoxide. Then he repeats the "you have to think" line. Then he starts walking down stairs. I was hoping he wouldnt notice the fish tank, because he would probably get all upset about that as well. So instead I drop kicked him in the back of the knees and he fell down the stairs. Then I laughed.

Oddly enough, about a month ago, he had no problem ringing my door bell to ask me to help him with his remote control. It was a universal remote and the batteries died so it forgot the code to use for his TV. So apparantly inconveinancing me is fine.

In any event, when december comes around, we are moving out. I am hoping there is some way I could pull off getting a condo, because renting sucks. It is too bad that with a condo you still have all those pesky neighbors.

proof of identity

If I remember correctly, to get a drivers license in Massachusetts, you need to bring money, your social security card, and your birth certificate. To get a passport, which is what I am in the process of slowly applying for, you need your license and the "long form" of your birth certificate.

So I go to the Saugus town hall this morning to get mine, and they dont ask for any ID. Just my name and my birth date. According to what Bill at work told me, your birth certificate is public record, so anyone can ask for it. I am not sure I believe that, but what I am confused about is what the actual point of all these IDs are.

The social security card is useless. It is a business card sized piece of card stock printed on a regular printer, and then the social security number is typed on it. That is beyond easy to forge these days if you wanted to. People blindly tell their social security number to anyone/anything that asks.

the birth certificate is a joke. If you dig through someones trash, overhear a phone conversation, are behind them in line at the bank..anything these days, you can overhear what their birth date is.

The drivers license can easily be obtained from the RMV just by printing up a social security card and going to the town hall to get the birth certificate.

And now the passport, which is like the premier form of ID these days is then close to just as easy to get. You have the drivers license now, you have the birth certificate, the birth certificate has your parents birth place, on it. How much harder could it be to social engineer both of your parents social security numbers?

I am sure I am oversimplifying things a bunch, but what a waste of time. I don't really even need a passport, but I am fairly confident that if I dont waste the $90 or so on it now, when september comes around I will be sitting in a dirty prison cell in conzumel mexico wishing I had one.

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TV volume

Why is it that more often than not, when I am watching some movie on TV, the volume is all over the place. The dialogue is always way too low, so then I raise the volume to hear it, and when a commercial comes, the commercials blast through the speakers. Any music in the movies are always way too high as low. Does anyone attempt to equalize the volume?

I remember back in high school, when I was doing stuff for the schools public TV channel, the way I was taught to do production work was to start the recording tape with 30 seconds of black, then 30 seconds of color bars with 30 seconds of an audio tone. The point of the color bars and audio tone was to allow whoever/whatever was playing the tape to calibrate the color and audio. You raise the volume on whatever is playing it until it is at the appropriate level. Then, you dont have all these problems. Am I completely missing some reason for why all these TV stations cant do it? or are they all just insanely lazy? and what about the music in the movies? why are they a ton louder than the dialog in the same movie? does anyone listen to their work before releasing it?

vote Mike for president.

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