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some interesting car facts

I’ve been tracking my mileage and fill-ups on my car. Apparantly I…

  • drive 34,000 miles a year
  • will spend around $4100 on gas this year
  • am averaging 25.7 miles to the gallon in my grand am.

according to, my car is supposed to get 18mpg in the city, 27 on the highway…so I am not doing that bad. What is funny is that last year when I drove to north carolina. I somehow got 31.4mpg…that might have been a fluke or something

I would show you the pretty graphs that generates, but they are all flash based, and for some reason they don’t have any way of exporting the charts or data… jerks

the 8 cars I have owned

 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I bought this car before I even had a license. It also was the start of me being in debt. Every month it needed at least 1 $500 repair.

1989 Lincoln Mark VII

1989 Lincoln Mark VII

This car was the source of a good 100,000 miles of fun driving around aimlessly. It was a great car, and my favorite car that I have owned.

1984 Ford Crown Vic.

Crown Vic

I wish it came with the sirens. I didn’t have a picture of the actual one I had. Lets just say it looked a lot crappier, had 190,000 on it when I bought it. And cost a cool $400. It featured such luxuries as:

1. “Balony Skin” tires (thats what a cop yelling at me called them). They had absolutely no treads left on them, which made fish tailing around rotaries and skidding to long screetching noisy stops next to innocent pedestrians a blast.

2. Burnt oil smoke billowing out of the engine bay. It was concentrated just outside of the drivers side door, which made being pulled over a blast

This car lasted a solid month before the exhaust system literally fell of the car while I was driving it. Then the car sounded like a helicopter. So I “donated it” to the junk yard.

1996 Monte Carlo


The transmission was going, and was going to cost $2600 to fix. So I brought it to a little dealership, used a code scanner to clear all the check engine trouble codes the transmission kept throwing, and traded it in for this beast:

1987 Buick Regal

1987 Buick Regal

When I got this, it was actually primer grey. The guy that owned the dealership was really confused, and thought he was going to make a killing trading it for my monte carlo, but the joke was really on him. That monte carlo was still on his lot a year later. And this car had a 455 Big Block in it. It came with the Grand National body moldings, and I got it a fancy $300 MAACO paint job. Spared no expense. This car met an untimely demise while doing donuts in a parking lot one faitful night. I blew an engine bearing, and the engine was so big, it was impossible to take the oil pan off to even look at the problem without having to completely remove the engine. So I sold it to some guy for a couple hundred dollars.

Here are more fun pictures of the regal

1984 Chevy Blazer (K5)

1984 Buick Regal

I think I spent $3500 to buy this. It had a 4″ body lift and little 31″ tires on it. I drove it around for a couple months before I dismantled it and put $15,000 into it before I took it all apart again, and sold it for parts. I actually owned this truck during the time I owned the below 2 cars. It was just in pieces in my parents driveway the majority of the time

More pictures of the blazer project
2001 Lincoln LS

2001 Lincoln LS

This car was nice, I ended up trading it in for the next car because it was designed stupidly. Everything was aluminum, and everything on it cost a ton.

2005 Pontiac Grand Am

2005 Pontiac Grand Am

Mine is grey, and I hate it. It’s just dumb

hummer h2

the 2008 dodge challenger

wow, this may be the first new car I have ever liked since maybe the late 90’s.

they just HAD to make it all curvy, but this is probably the best design yet..especially for a modern reintroduction.

it doesn’t look like a V6 either….

here is a gallery:

booooo! booooo! hissssss!

my favorite part is where they have to bring the crappy mustang to the ford dealership because the rear main seal blew after 10,000 miles.

boooooo! boooooooo!

A better use for my truck project

I saw this post on about making a coffee table out of a engine block, and it dawned on me how much cheaper (and still useful) it would have been to do that project instead of my '84 blazer project I had worked on for years.

Come to think of it. The engine block is still in my parents garage.

So are the pistons, the crank shaft, the cam shaft, and the heads.

Maybe I could make the coffee table out of the engine block. Drink coasters out of the pistons, end tables out of the heads.

Now what could I do with the crank shaft and the cam shaft? hmmm…. 

At one point, I had Aimee sold on using some old Sun E3000's my work had as end tables for our bedroom, but that was when we had an apartment. I am assuming the situation is differant now. I think it would be pretty funny to put all the remaining parts of the truck inside our house.

changing brakes

Sunday afternoon I decided I would finally replace the front brake pads on my car. This was the first weekend day in the last two months..since I bought the brake pads..that I actually had any free time (or that it wasnt raining). I had one of the front brakes all apart, and I go to put the new brake pads on the car and realize that the new pads were not even remotely close to the right size. So I head to Autozone (where I was working on my car) swearing about how the idiots that work there cant even match a part number from the computer screen with the part number on the box.

I get to AutoZone and explain to the guy behind the counter that they must have sold me the wrong brake pads and I wanted to exchange them for the correct ones. He looks it up in the computer and points out that they are the correct ones. I know that these brake pads did not even remotely come close to fitting, so I told the guy that the computer had to be wrong because they simply cannot fit. He asks me when my car was made. Not the “year of the car” but the “year it was made”. I look at him confused, and he explains to me that depending on when the car was actually made, even though it was a 2005 grand am, it might have some 2004 parts on it. None of this made any sense to me, but I figured I would humor him. He goes and gets the brake pads for a 2004 grand am, and sure enough, they looked like what was on my car.

None of this makes any sense. a 2005 car is a 2005 car. There is no yours is “part” 2005.

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the downward spiral that is GM

Associated Press

DETROIT — General Motors Corp. is recalling more than 30,000 Chevrolet Corvettes because of a defect that allows detachable roofs to fly off.

The recall issued this past week affects certain 2005-2006 models with painted roofs. The adhesive between the roof panel and magnesium frame may separate, GM spokesman Alan Adler told The Detroit News.

If there is a complete separation, the hard roof panel may detach from the vehicle and it could strike another vehicle.

“You do not want to hit a 10-pound object at 70 miles per hour,” Adler said.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received 21 complaints from owners of the sports car, but Adler said the problem has not caused any injuries or deaths.

Owners affected by the recall can get a free inspection and repair, if needed, at their local dealership.

Driving Tip

On today…

Know the ways of the gas cap and the interstate – without looking
READ MORE: Cars, Driving, Maps, Top, Travel

It’s two-for-one driving hacks day! First, you pull into the gas station to blow $50 on a tank. Which side should the pump be on again? Short of stopping the car and getting out to check, take a look at the gas gauge. Lots of cars have a handy little arrow pointing the way right on ‘em (pictured).

Second, interstate numbers tell you which way the road runs. Even-numbered interstates run from east to west and odd-numbered go north to south, and triple-digit interstates loop or branch off from primary roads. Thanks, T!

Got any other automobile hacks to share? Let us know in the comment or to tips at

GM decides to discontinue the H1 Humvee

After buying AM General and destroying everything they had to offer, GM decided to discontinue the “old style” H1 and continue the crapfest that is the H2…or, as some would call it, the “Chevy Tahoe”.

Recently, Hummer general manager Martin Walsh said he now thinks consumers see the H2 as the “real” Hummer. “In their minds, that’s more representative of the Hummer brand than the H1,” he said. In a statement today, Walsh said the move is a “reflection of where we’re going with the Hummer brand.” “The Hummer DNA still resides in the Humvee,” he said. “It will always be the core from where we come.”

Apparantly Martin Walsh is a tool. I wonder if he spends time thinking every night about why General Motors is doing so bad now. The H2 is a chevy tahoe with a body that looks similar to the original Humvee. Unfortunately it lacks all the real world features, and is really just a shitty overpriced station wagon.

Martin Walsh should rot in hell.