I hate Bill Engvall

Do you think Bill Engvall realizes how annoying those “commercials” on TBS are? for the 3rd time this week, I was watching something on TBS (This time it was Family Guy) and right in the middle of the scene, you hear this ass start laughing, and all of a sudden bill engvall is “pausing” the show and telling you to watch his crap show. It is the most annoying commercial I have ever seen. It not only makes me never want to see his lame show (well…I never did want to see it) but also not watch TBS either.

  1. resident know-it-all

    Bill Engvall is the most talentless, un-funny, hanger on that I’ve ever seen. If not for the moderately funny Jeff Foxworthy as a boyfriend he’d be selling used cars somewhere and not doing very well at that. I really wish he would just go away for good!
    Ever notice how the lack of interest in a show is directly proportionate to the amount of bombardment ads a network will employ to promote it?

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