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hummer h2

michael vick update

For those that are interested, here is some videos about a few of the dogs rescued from michael vick:

Here is a quick update from DogTime and another one from the Best Friends Animal Society

economic stimulus

I was reading this post:

My Much More Awesome Economic Stimulus Plan

and thought this line was great:

I spoke to President Bush about this earlier and offered some alternatives to this plan, but he wasn’t able to respond because I was talking to a TV broadcast of him.

that is all

Mr. T wants to tell you something

This is great:

the 2008 dodge challenger

wow, this may be the first new car I have ever liked since maybe the late 90’s.

they just HAD to make it all curvy, but this is probably the best design yet..especially for a modern reintroduction.

it doesn’t look like a V6 either….

here is a gallery:

booooo! booooo! hissssss!

my favorite part is where they have to bring the crappy mustang to the ford dealership because the rear main seal blew after 10,000 miles.

boooooo! boooooooo!

you have to get this

this guy
is a genious. He doesn’t update his site nearly as often any more, but I think if you read some of the posts on his site, and dont laugh hysterically. then I probably don’t want to talk to you.

start off with this: One thing PC users can do that mac users can’t

12 Widespread Drink Myths Demystified

an interesting list of drink related myths and whether they are true or not. Like this one:

  1. Bottled water is more pure than tap water.

    False: Tap
    water is guaranteed safe for consumption. It is controlled regularly to
    see whether it is free from any harmful chemical and bacteriological
    presence. It is often labeled as unsafe because of the unpleasant taste
    of the chlorine in the water. This bad taste disappears after leaving a
    pitcher of tap water in the fridge or adding a slice of lemon into the
    pitcher of tap water. But in regions where the tap water is high in
    nitrates, it is better to drink bottled water.

Link: 12 Widespread Drink Myths Demystified