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the magical secret to losing weight

on a daily basis, I dont think you cant pick up a magazine, or look at a web site without reading something about some new fancy crazy diet. Don’t eat this type of food….eat more of this…don’t have carbohydrates…eat less meat.

blah blah blah blah

the real secret to losing weight (and not gaining it back) is simple. math

1) first you figure out how many calories your body burns off just existing. There are calorie calculators everywhere, but basically:

For guys – Multiply the body weight by 10; add double the
body weight to this value.
[i.e., for a 150 lb male, 1,500 + (2 x
150)=1,800 cal/day BMR]

For adult females – Multiply body weight by 10; add the body weight
to this value.
[i.e., for a 120 lb female, 1,200 + 120=1,320 cal/day BMR]

2) keep track of what you eat every day. Sign up for a free account on SparkPeople, or pay for an account on Calorie King. Its a pain in the ass, but once you get used to it, it takes a whopping 10 minutes a day to record it all.

3) from there it is real easy.

To not gain weight:
amount of calories consumed needs to be equal to, or less than the amount of calories you burn

to gain weight:

amount of calories consumed needs to be greater than the amount of calories you burn

to lose weight:

amount of calories consumed needs to be less than the amount of calories you burn

you don’t need to “go on a diet”. you don’t need to count points, buy any kit…or even go to the gym for that matter. If you are a normal moderately healthy person, and your thyroid isn’t broken. It will just work.

And….unlike in those crazy infomercials. You actually can eat whatever you want. If you have a donut for breakfast, you’ll have to make up for it later, but you can still have it. If you want to lose weight all the faster. Just eat more lower calorie foods. If you want to lose weight even faster, then go to the gym.

Every diet in existence is bound to fail eventually. No one wants to stick to a certain kind of food for a long time. More often than not, if you are on a diet and are seeing success, at one point or another you rebound. You stop losing weight as fast, or in many case, start to gain weight again, get upset, and then just stop it all together.

make the math work, and everything else will work with it. Sure it is more helpful to go to the gym, and to eat healthy, but those are all just bonus points in my mind. making the calorie numbers work is sort of the base line. You go to the gym, you gain 200 bonus points. Have fruit instead of ice cream, 800 bonus points.

The epic story of Nathan Gale

Who is Nathan Gale you ask?  he is the guy that jumped up on stage and shot and killed Pantera’s guitarist “Dime Bag” Darrell, along with 3 other guys at a metal show in 2004. I wrote a post about it a while back.

Anyway, Blender wrote a nice article about Gale.

The pagination is broken, so you have to click on both of these links to read both pages of the article:

The Revenge of Crazy Nate – Page 1

The Revenge of Crazy Nate – Page 2

knight rider

I am both saddened and appalled by the news that knight rider is coming back to TV.

sans David Hasselhoff (except for a guest appearance)
sans William Daniels (voice of kitt….aka Mr Feeny)
sans the firebird.

I love the nice rice rocket spoiler on the back…oh wait…dual gay spoilers! I wonder how the plastic ground effects on the car will handle gun fire. It doesnt look like a molecular bonded shell to me.

And look at the interior. This is the lamest interior ever. I think they took the normal mustang, and just swapped out the steering wheel for a slightly more gay one.

KITT remote interior

how can you have a knight rider show with none of the cast?

better yet, how can they call the car in the new show “KITT”?

ohhh……lucky for them the number two and the number three both begin with the letter “t”. The new “car” is a Knight Industries Three Thousand…not one of those old outdated two thousands.

No wonder David Hasselhoff was all drunk and wasted in that video on youtube.

god…..a mustang….what a load of crap.

Read about it here

hillary clinton

This makes me laugh for reasons I dont really need to justify.