Washington Post article on Michael Vick

I think many people arn’t looking at the sheer number of dogs that Michael Vick abused, tortured, and killed. It wasn’t 1 or 2. It was more like 68. 8 of which he personally took part in killing. The fact that he is only getting 12-18 months in jail considering he is personally guilty for a lot more than just animal cruelty is simply amazing. Illegal gambling, animal cruelty, racketeering, dog fighting, drug charges.. and more. The fact that the NAACP things that Michael Vick is being villified and should be given some sympathy and some slack is simply amazing. What a worthless pointless organization that has completely lost sight of what their purpose was supposed to be. I say screw him and them. Actually, screw you too.

This article was interesting until she started rambling about “galloping elitism” or even mentioning the possibility that this was all because he was “brought up in the ghetto”. What a load of crap

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