puppy mills

When I hear the term “puppy mills” this image comes to mind:

big belching smoke stacks, and a conveyor belt on one side that is just a non-stop line of puppies that gets emptied into one big puppy pile.

for some reason I think I might be a little off.

  1. We went on a field trip to a puppy mill in 2nd grade. It was terrifying.

  2. Wait, baby Jessica is about to inherit a trust fund worth millions? People sent that much to her in donations just because she fell in that stupid well? I bet if people heard our song, they would have sent the money to us instead.

  3. i wish every day that we recorded that sweet sweet song

  4. Mike, what are you doing this saturday night? Seriously.

  5. We’re getting Down Syndrome back together for a farewell tour. We’ll be playing all the classics, like Stuck in the Well, and many more.

  6. harold I wish you were serious, down syndrome would have been stars. Especially that other song, that was just “sounds”.

    This saturday I should be doing whatever you guys are up to

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