things I am sick of hearing about

1. The iPhone
2. Harry Potter
3. Ron Paul
4. The iPod
5. everything else

  1. Who the shit is “ron paul”?

  2. I just sent Ron Paul a campaign contribution of an iPhone with all of the political podcasts from my iPod. Above everything else, I hope he likes the Harry Potter wallpaper I put on it before sending it to him.

  3. I kissed Ron Paul on the mouth. He blushed and called me, “Captain Hammer”. And I said, “Oh Ron Paul, you’re the sexiest two first name marginal viral political campaigner I’ve ever known. And I’ve known at least three.”

  4. Somehow a post about various Apple products and Ron Paul became a post about men kissing and gay pet names. That’s weird. Also, your link to find the best station for my iPod FM transmitter isn’t working. The website keeps giving me some weird javascript error. I know how much you love javascript, so you should fix it.

  5. you cant see the station finder thing? it works fine for me. For boston, these are the frequencies:
    # 88.5
    # 89.3
    # 94.9
    # 98.1
    # 102.1
    # 102.9
    # 103.7
    # 106.1
    # 106.3

    It didnt list malden, but there might be a closer city to use.

  6. 88.5 is the best.

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