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propane torch

I saw this in home depot today. Apparantly you use to to do odd jobs around the house… Or to keep the nazis at bay. You get to decide for the low low price of $59.99.

Home Depots site sucks, but luckily you can buy it at Sears too.

Michael Vick is going down

Hopefully he gets kicked out of the NFL. I am sure he wont…

From The Humane Society Wayne Pacelle Blog..

The indictment handed down yesterday by a grand jury in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia includes specific information that incriminates Vick and three cohorts in a criminal syndicate spanning several states centered around the barbaric practice of dogfighting (see the court documents).

Among the allegations: Some or all of the four individuals named in
the indictment starved dogs to instill aggression. They “tested” dogs
in fights against other dogs. They shot, body-slammed and even hung dogs that did not perform well. They electrocuted a losing dog. They gambled tens of thousands of dollars on staged combat involving these poor creatures.

puppy mills

When I hear the term “puppy mills” this image comes to mind:

big belching smoke stacks, and a conveyor belt on one side that is just a non-stop line of puppies that gets emptied into one big puppy pile.

for some reason I think I might be a little off.

things I am sick of hearing about

1. The iPhone
2. Harry Potter
3. Ron Paul
4. The iPod
5. everything else

crime shows

I think of things like this every time I watch a crime show on TV.

best commercial ever

I miss this commercial: