the gay test

haha…take the gay test

  1. My favorite part was when my giant pink gay dick fucked the Earth. The hot gooey center felt wicked good.

  2. That’s horrifying.

  3. If that website wasn’t blocked by my work, I’d take the test. I would intentionally answer all the questions with the gayest answers I could, score a 100%, then demand that my parents hang the results on their fridge.

  4. I’ve been awake for 27 hours now. I’ve been at work since 4:30 this morning and my keyboard is starting to float away. I hope I don’t die on the drive home.

  5. Yikes. You should leave early.

  6. I’m leaving at 12:30. Then I’m taking a nap in your bed.

  7. I wouldn’t if I were you. My leprosy came back with a vengeance and my bowels have been acting up with explosive, watery consequences.

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