How to talk like a pirate

The best part is about 1 minute into the video. It’s priceless.

  1. Is this the one with Cap’n Chumbucket and Land Lubber or whatever? I can’t see it because my work blocks anything from Instead of watching pirate videos, I guess they expect me to work all day or something.

  2. have you tried reasoning with them and explaining how allowing you to go to is much better for everyone. Especially since the alternative is all that time you spend in the bathroom “touching yourself”

  3. I’m not touching myself, I’m checking for prostate cancer. And all those printed out pictures from were in the stall before I got there.

  4. Today I printed out a Rob Neyer chat and read it while taking a dump. When I finished both chat and dump I threw the pages of the chat in the only trash barrel in the bathroom. I just went back into that bathroom and someone had reached down into the barrel and pulled the chat out to read, leaving it all over the floor. Who would even think to look in the bathroom trash barrel for reading material?

  5. Ewwww, that’s sickening. Once a man touches something while dumping, I generally consider it off limits (unless it’s your mother, then I consider it “priming the pump”). If the papers are on the floor of the stall when I walk in, sometimes I’ll read them by shuffling them around with my feet, but I would never pick them up.

  6. i normally take interesting reading material out of the trash in the bathroom with my teeth. That way I dont get my hands dirty

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