disaster readiness kit

now this is a survival kit. Only $830 too.

Kit contains:

  • SW40VE (10+1 Rounds)
  • Waterproof Hardigg® Storm Case
  • Crank Radio and Flashlight Combo
  • Pocket Survival Pack
  • Light & Fast Trail First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Food for 4 People (for 3 days)
  • 12″ x 12″ Waterproof Document Bag
  • Water Purification Tablets
  • 44 Mag Multi-Tool and Case
  • (4) Space Blankets

  1. Shouldn’t this come with something to pass the time while you’re sitting there in your unabomber-style shack waiting for the rapture? Like a yo-yo or one of those cup and ball things, or even a tube of lotion?

  2. actually, it comes with that wooden wheel thing and the stick you roll the wheel with.

  3. Also known as the crappiest way to have fun that people have ever invented. My great uncle Phineas got me one of those for Guy Fawkes day once, instead of the Jacob’s ladder that I had asked for.

  4. My Uncle Mordecai refused to get me the stick wheel thingie for Guy Fawkes Day so instead I blew up Parliament.

  5. It wasn’t Mordecai “Three Fingers” Brown, was it? Also, you get a gold star for that historically accurate Guy Fawkes joke.

  6. There’s nothing better than nerdy history humor. And headaches.

  7. i wish I knew what you were talking about

  8. I bet if you googled Guy Fawkes you’d learn all about him and his wacky gunpowder plot. Too bad you don’t know enough about computers and this internet thing to find the answers.

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