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If I had a yard..

If I had a yard. I would have this standing guard:

Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense is the best game ever created. I can’t stop playing it.

baby versus a cobra

This cobra cant actually be real. I like the expression on the babies face.

egg gang

came accross this today:

opie and anthony got suspended

This completely kills my drive home from work and most of my drive into work.

Opie & Anthony Suspended from XM Radio

30 days? and not even best of’s? This just days after getting my car back from the shop.

And so the free world ends…

stoned guy calls 911

this is great.

Stoned cop calls 911 fearing overdose on pot

why oh why google

I cant describe how dissapointed I am with google for changing the name of their personalized homepage product to “iGoogle”.

thats so iGay