going fishing with a cat

This is the only good cat.

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  1. I would never let that gross catfish anywhere near my bathtub. Speaking of gross, are you coming to Ricky’s birthday bash tonight? Speaking of you, you should create a general comments page so I can leave comments like this there instead of here. aisle10.net equals social networking site of the future.

  2. there is always that new fangled “email thing”. This is the best you get: http://aisle10.ning.com/

  3. I want my comments of hatred to you public.

  4. The only good cat is a dead cat.

  5. Yeah, like that catfish wants to go near your gross bathtub. I’m pretty sure all that orange slime would poison it anyway.

  6. I do all my best work in that orange slime bathtub.

  7. oh yeah, by the way. Aimee and I will be attending your little shin dig. Puccia is landing his fancy little plane at hanscom AFB tonight as well.

  8. You don’t say. Puccia eh? I’ll be sure to greet him with a big slopy kiss on the mouth.

  9. slopy kisses are the best

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