any takers?

According to this site: is worth almost$13,000. i’ll give whoever sees this a “deal” and sell it for only $10,000.

thats a savings of almost $3,000!!!!!!!

what a load of crap.

My Site is worth

How much is
your site worth?

  1. They say that is worth $311.

  2. i wonder why it thinks is worth so much

  3. Because I comment.

  4. Also, you get a lot of traffic directed here from a link on my other site, nakedpicturesitookofmikethroughhiswindowswhenhewasn’

  5. The major things I can see on their too reports that are different is that is much older than, and has more links in google.

    Older sites can have links in people’s bookmarks, email folders, browser history, etc. which allows more people to accidentally land on a site. (Its not how long the current owner has owned the site, but how long the domain name has been in existance is shown as being from 1991, but that was when it was part of Byte magazine, the current owner, Yahoo has only had it for about a year.)

    The more links in google, the greater the chance that someone will click on a link and land on the site.

    Between those to reasons, they could assume more ad impression if either site was sold to someone displaying ads.

  6. is worth so much because, from what I hear, it’s HUUGGGEEEE in the gay community. I’ve heard the words “virtual bathhouse” mentioned a few times.

  7. When you say “from what I hear” I think you mean “from what I’ve read scribbled on bathroom stalls in rest areas while cruising for a good time.”

  8. I thought that was implied. Why do you think i visit this site daily?

  9. virtual bathhouse..hahaha

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