Punching bag filled with underwear

Family’s Punching Bag Holds Smelly Surprise

Joe Heckel said he and his son were moving a TKO brand heavy punching bag from their garage to the basement when they decided to see what was inside in case the bag later leaked. But Heckel said that instead of sand or plastic pellets, he found the bag full of men’s and women’s underwear, some of it used.


Here is a picture slideshow of the punching bag filled with used underwear

  1. “the underwear in the bag was a “quality problem” that they were dealing with, and that the people who had made the decision to put underwear in the bags had been fired.”

    I wonder how many of these punching bags are in circulation. Also, where did these people get all of this used underwear?

  2. most of it was from me

  3. Especially the bras, thongs and bathing suits.

  4. The thought of all that underwear was turning me on, until I saw the picture of those filthy nylons.

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