top 10 Famous sex/nude scenes… now, Safe for Work test

I am both saddened and dissapointed that I only scored 4 out of 10 on this test

In my defense, I havn’t seen at least 2 of the movies

  1. Obviously, I would get 10 out of 10, except that my work blocked these pictures from downloading. So I just guessed Schindler’s List for all of them and got 3 out of 10 instead.

  2. I scored an 8/10. I’m pretty sure that makes me champion of the universe.

  3. If the word “famous” was replaced with “gay” you probably would’ve scored a 10/10.

  4. I am the world’s foremost expert on gay sex/nude scenes. Especially when they’re listed in descending order from ten to one.

  5. 10 – When all those gentlemen are erecting the tent at the beginning of Dumbo
    9 through 1 – The Top Gun Volleyball scene

  6. The tent erection scene in Dumbo is also on the list of Top 10 Animated Depictions of Racism. I’m going to learn that slavery pole hammering song and sing it all day long at work.

  7. Where is my update?

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