Monthly Archives: May 2007

going fishing with a cat

This is the only good cat.

Click on the picture for the rest of the photos

my new watch

I decided instead of getting a nice calculator watch, I instead would rather have precise time. Thats why I plan on getting this atomic watch:

atomic watch

I hope the watch comes with the sweet beard

top ten worst URL’s

speaking of top 10 lists. Look at this: Top 10 worst company url’s.

I am not sure which is better, or

any takers?

According to this site: is worth almost$13,000. i’ll give whoever sees this a “deal” and sell it for only $10,000.

thats a savings of almost $3,000!!!!!!!

what a load of crap.

My Site is worth

How much is
your site worth?

top 10 Famous sex/nude scenes… now, Safe for Work test

I am both saddened and dissapointed that I only scored 4 out of 10 on this test

In my defense, I havn’t seen at least 2 of the movies

Punching bag filled with underwear

Family’s Punching Bag Holds Smelly Surprise

Joe Heckel said he and his son were moving a TKO brand heavy punching bag from their garage to the basement when they decided to see what was inside in case the bag later leaked. But Heckel said that instead of sand or plastic pellets, he found the bag full of men’s and women’s underwear, some of it used.


Here is a picture slideshow of the punching bag filled with used underwear

game of the day

This is not quite as addictive as desktop tower defense, but still good.

nosy kid..

this is what happens when you are too curious..

breakdancing fun

a good joke for your next trip

From Bruce Scheneiers blog

Joke That’ll Get You Arrested

Don’t say that I didn’t warn you:

If you are sitting next to someone who irritates you on a plane or train…1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case.
2. Remove your laptop.
3. Boot it.
4. Make sure the person who won’t leave you alone can see the screen.
5. Open your email client to this message.
6. Close your eyes and tilt your head up to the sky.
7. Then hit this link:

video of the day – Road blocks aren’t for dumb drivers