It has finally become clear. Oh so very clear.

While perusing through my RSS feed list for the day, I came across yet another the “i<insert dumb word here>” is doing something! article. Trying to put aside my normal rantings about how stupid the iPod is, and what a crappy useless interface iTunes has, or the crappy pricing structure iTunes has, or their horrible DRM format. Or any of the other “fun stuff” that the mac fan boy crowd constantly rambles about.

But anyway….

I saw this post on BoingBoing blah blah, iTunes will now rip you off more…blah blah blah.

Then I saw the image they attached to the article:

What a great URL by the way……haha

I said to myself, that snooty pompous man in the dumb turtleneck looks familiar….but who….. I know its Steve Jobs…but no. Someone else….

Then it hit it. Its none other than Dr. Cocteau from Demolition Man! (Nigel Hawthorne)

See the resemblance?

Then I started to think about it, and the crap that Apple peddles, and the “Utopian Ideals” that Dr. Cocteau brainwashed everyone in San Angeles with arn’t all that different.

Behold the future!

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