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the iPod as a flight data recorder

what a horrible horrible horrible idea this is. Why would anyone want to use an iPod as a black box for an airplane. What exactly is the advantage? oh, sorry, we couldn’t log any of the flight information because I just downloaded the entire Van Halen discography and ran out of space”. Is there really a need for portable flight data recorders? are you ever waiting in traffic and say “shit! i wish I had all the data from yesterdays flight with me so I could listen to it”. I really hope that “real” black boxes dont use cheap commodity hard drives with absolutely no shock resistance built into them.

Then again, i guess since everything in the aeronautics industry is overpriced, the iPod would probably fit in nicely.

god i hate iPods. Actually, I hate stupid looking red planes too

Valentines Day

I decided to get flowers delivered to Aimees work for valentines day (I know, real original). I saw some that looked interesting on, and ended up ordering the below “arrangement” to be delivered by an “authorized teleflora florist” near her work.

This is what I ordered:

Sweet Thoughts


This is what she got:

valentines day flowers

What the hell? they didn’t even call me to say they were out, or whatever their reasoning is. They just decided that even though I paid for one thing, they would just deliver whatever they felt like. What is the point of the website then? why not just have one item and call it the “whatever the hell we feel like throwing together bouquet”


Does anyone else think that baths are the grossest thing ever? I feel like it is one step above swimming in the toilet. (well a toilet with just water in it).

I just wanted to throw that out there. Baths really are just gross