A better use for my truck project

I saw this post on make.com about making a coffee table out of a engine block, and it dawned on me how much cheaper (and still useful) it would have been to do that project instead of my '84 blazer project I had worked on for years.

Come to think of it. The engine block is still in my parents garage.

So are the pistons, the crank shaft, the cam shaft, and the heads.

Maybe I could make the coffee table out of the engine block. Drink coasters out of the pistons, end tables out of the heads.

Now what could I do with the crank shaft and the cam shaft? hmmm…. 

At one point, I had Aimee sold on using some old Sun E3000's my work had as end tables for our bedroom, but that was when we had an apartment. I am assuming the situation is differant now. I think it would be pretty funny to put all the remaining parts of the truck inside our house.

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