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does this count as an open mic?

I am having trouble deciding if this counts as what I consider an "open mic night".

Talented Musicians looking for Exposure Wanted for New Acoustic Open Mic

Aqua, A Busy Financial District Bar is seeking only the Most Talented of Acoustic Singer/Songwriter to Perform at weekly Showcase. The Best Acts will be asked to return and possibly offered a Headline Position $$ to follow the Showcase. Acts will perform 10-15 minutes of Material to start. Returning Talent may be asked to do more time if Impressive.

The Show is every Wednesday from 8-10pm.
For More Information or a slot please email us.
Look forward to hearing from you Soon.
See, to me is seems more like an open audition than a open mic night. In my mind, an open mic night is a fun time where anyone can go on stange and play music they like for the fun of it. 

For now, I added it to, but I am thinking maybe I should make a FAQ to put on the site so people know what is expected. Then again, this ad was something I saw on craigslist. 

jordans furniture

Friday night Aimee and I went to the “new” jordans furniture in Reading. They had pumpkin ice cream. It was good.

I think they should make pumpkin everything.

That is all.

Many many moons ago I started working on a event calendar type site where people could go to find open mic nights that were going on in their area.

Thanks to Alicia (for the web design work) and Jason (For the spiffy graphics) the site is finally up and running.

I encourage however few there are of you that look at my blog to check it out and tell me what you think.

So go check out

Also, despite what this guy thinks. I refuse to accept calling a microphone a “mike”. My plan for the site is to eventually get picture up of many of the different venues and also add in reviews/comments and such, but I figured this was a good start. The other day,  a visitor even submitted an actual event

Business Processes

It is a sad day when a dilbert cartoon can completely describe the entire business process at your work..