changing brakes

Sunday afternoon I decided I would finally replace the front brake pads on my car. This was the first weekend day in the last two months..since I bought the brake pads..that I actually had any free time (or that it wasnt raining). I had one of the front brakes all apart, and I go to put the new brake pads on the car and realize that the new pads were not even remotely close to the right size. So I head to Autozone (where I was working on my car) swearing about how the idiots that work there cant even match a part number from the computer screen with the part number on the box.

I get to AutoZone and explain to the guy behind the counter that they must have sold me the wrong brake pads and I wanted to exchange them for the correct ones. He looks it up in the computer and points out that they are the correct ones. I know that these brake pads did not even remotely come close to fitting, so I told the guy that the computer had to be wrong because they simply cannot fit. He asks me when my car was made. Not the “year of the car” but the “year it was made”. I look at him confused, and he explains to me that depending on when the car was actually made, even though it was a 2005 grand am, it might have some 2004 parts on it. None of this made any sense to me, but I figured I would humor him. He goes and gets the brake pads for a 2004 grand am, and sure enough, they looked like what was on my car.

None of this makes any sense. a 2005 car is a 2005 car. There is no yours is “part” 2005.

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  1. Mike, please do me a favor, don’t ever buy brake pads from Autozone. Those are the duralast ones that are neither durable nor do they last.

  2. they sure are cheap though. Probably chock full of asbestos too

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