Friday Night

Friday night, Aimee, Harold, Ryan and I went to faneuil hall to a bar. We left around 1am, and were driving down congress st to pick up 93 and I had just pulled up to the light on congress st and purchase st and I look at the intersection, and see a car completely on its side with a little bit of smoke coming out of it then I see the other car, which basically no longer had a front end it looked like it had just happened, because there was no police or ambulances. So we pull over to see if anyone needs any help. Some other guy had just pulled over as well, and he was on the phone talking to 911. Harold goes over to the car and sees that there is 3 girls still in the car on its side that couldn't get out, We see that their sunroof was open a tiny bit, so I help Harold rip the sunroof off the car which came off surprisingly easy and then the 3 girls crawled out of the car.The 2 in the front were wearing their seatbelts and looked OK, and the girl in the back wasn't wearing a seatbelt and she had a bloody nose and seemed fairly out of it but they all got out with a little help and then sat down in all the glass despite the fact that the accident happened about 2 buildings down from the fire station, it took a good 5 minutes for any ambulances to come and the first one to get there wasn't from that fire station the guy and the girl in the other car seemed pretty much OK, he had to get out through his window. After things calmed down a bit, I was talking to the guy that called 911 and he said he saw the accident happen and that the girls car had flipped over 3 times before it landed on its side.

A bit of an unusual way to end the night

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