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If I remember correctly, to get a drivers license in Massachusetts, you need to bring money, your social security card, and your birth certificate. To get a passport, which is what I am in the process of slowly applying for, you need your license and the "long form" of your birth certificate.

So I go to the Saugus town hall this morning to get mine, and they dont ask for any ID. Just my name and my birth date. According to what Bill at work told me, your birth certificate is public record, so anyone can ask for it. I am not sure I believe that, but what I am confused about is what the actual point of all these IDs are.

The social security card is useless. It is a business card sized piece of card stock printed on a regular printer, and then the social security number is typed on it. That is beyond easy to forge these days if you wanted to. People blindly tell their social security number to anyone/anything that asks.

the birth certificate is a joke. If you dig through someones trash, overhear a phone conversation, are behind them in line at the bank..anything these days, you can overhear what their birth date is.

The drivers license can easily be obtained from the RMV just by printing up a social security card and going to the town hall to get the birth certificate.

And now the passport, which is like the premier form of ID these days is then close to just as easy to get. You have the drivers license now, you have the birth certificate, the birth certificate has your parents birth place, on it. How much harder could it be to social engineer both of your parents social security numbers?

I am sure I am oversimplifying things a bunch, but what a waste of time. I don't really even need a passport, but I am fairly confident that if I dont waste the $90 or so on it now, when september comes around I will be sitting in a dirty prison cell in conzumel mexico wishing I had one.

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