GM decides to discontinue the H1 Humvee

After buying AM General and destroying everything they had to offer, GM decided to discontinue the “old style” H1 and continue the crapfest that is the H2…or, as some would call it, the “Chevy Tahoe”.

Recently, Hummer general manager Martin Walsh said he now thinks consumers see the H2 as the “real” Hummer. “In their minds, that’s more representative of the Hummer brand than the H1,” he said. In a statement today, Walsh said the move is a “reflection of where we’re going with the Hummer brand.” “The Hummer DNA still resides in the Humvee,” he said. “It will always be the core from where we come.”

Apparantly Martin Walsh is a tool. I wonder if he spends time thinking every night about why General Motors is doing so bad now. The H2 is a chevy tahoe with a body that looks similar to the original Humvee. Unfortunately it lacks all the real world features, and is really just a shitty overpriced station wagon.

Martin Walsh should rot in hell.

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