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Damn Apple hippies…

this is what you get for willingly going into that stupid apple store in New York City:

Dumb glass elevator gets stuck

the downward spiral that is GM

Associated Press

DETROIT — General Motors Corp. is recalling more than 30,000 Chevrolet Corvettes because of a defect that allows detachable roofs to fly off.

The recall issued this past week affects certain 2005-2006 models with painted roofs. The adhesive between the roof panel and magnesium frame may separate, GM spokesman Alan Adler told The Detroit News.

If there is a complete separation, the hard roof panel may detach from the vehicle and it could strike another vehicle.

“You do not want to hit a 10-pound object at 70 miles per hour,” Adler said.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received 21 complaints from owners of the sports car, but Adler said the problem has not caused any injuries or deaths.

Owners affected by the recall can get a free inspection and repair, if needed, at their local dealership.

bookmarks and monkeys

I use to save and organize all the sites and pages I come across. The problem is that usually I don’t really have the time to organize them properly or even read whatever article is on the page. So, as a result, among the 30 or so folders I have everything organized in, i have one folder called “Look At”. It has a whopping 450 saved bookmarks in it right now..all stuff that at one point or another I decided was either interesting or useful, and that someday I would actually want to read it, so, over the weekend, I have been trying to clean up that folder. Among other things, I came across this gem of a story:

Monkey cops keep the peace among groups

A society of monkey cops….ahhhh the possibilities. This just brings up tons of images from that episode of the simpsons where Homer gets a bunch of monkeys to re-enact the civil war. Damn monkeys are always getting drunk…..


Driving Tip

On today…

Know the ways of the gas cap and the interstate – without looking
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It’s two-for-one driving hacks day! First, you pull into the gas station to blow $50 on a tank. Which side should the pump be on again? Short of stopping the car and getting out to check, take a look at the gas gauge. Lots of cars have a handy little arrow pointing the way right on ‘em (pictured).

Second, interstate numbers tell you which way the road runs. Even-numbered interstates run from east to west and odd-numbered go north to south, and triple-digit interstates loop or branch off from primary roads. Thanks, T!

Got any other automobile hacks to share? Let us know in the comment or to tips at

What happens when you drive the speed limit

What happens when you drive the speed limit? I have been saying this for years. (that no one goes the speed limit)

GM decides to discontinue the H1 Humvee

After buying AM General and destroying everything they had to offer, GM decided to discontinue the “old style” H1 and continue the crapfest that is the H2…or, as some would call it, the “Chevy Tahoe”.

Recently, Hummer general manager Martin Walsh said he now thinks consumers see the H2 as the “real” Hummer. “In their minds, that’s more representative of the Hummer brand than the H1,” he said. In a statement today, Walsh said the move is a “reflection of where we’re going with the Hummer brand.” “The Hummer DNA still resides in the Humvee,” he said. “It will always be the core from where we come.”

Apparantly Martin Walsh is a tool. I wonder if he spends time thinking every night about why General Motors is doing so bad now. The H2 is a chevy tahoe with a body that looks similar to the original Humvee. Unfortunately it lacks all the real world features, and is really just a shitty overpriced station wagon.

Martin Walsh should rot in hell.