Newsgator is getting a face lift

I use newsgator to read all my RSS feeds. I think it is becoming a big OCD problem. Anyway, I noticed today this purdy picture when I logged into my account:

Newsgator upgrade
The interface definitely looks a lot better, and I still think that newsgator beats any of the web based, hosted RSS readers. I recently actually paid for a year subscription to their paid service, which offers a spiffy mobile version of their site. Bloglines is okay, but it just doesn’t even compete with the newsgator. The “clippings” feature alone saves me hours of time. I can quickly scan through a bunch of the feeds I subscribe to, and click on the little disk icon to save the article for later reading. Then, after I am done going through the rest of those feeds, I mark them as read and when I actually have time to sit down and read an article or try a program/website, I go to my clippings folder and have a feed that contains only stuff that I care about….or at least did when I originally saw the post.

Also, I like how in newsgator I can make use of both tags and nested folders. With bloglines you only have 1 level deep of folders, and everything is mainly based on tags. organizing all my feeds into groups is a cinch in newsgator. I can put all the computer security feeds in a sub folder in a folder I called computers, and maybe put put a new folder in that. one for vulnerabilities (like securityfocus) and another for viruses (like the F-Secure blog).

I just think the interface in bloglines is clunky and hard to navigate through, but, it is still better than all the other web based feed readers out there. rojo dropped the ball big time, and all the other ones are more community focused, sort of like how digg works where you rate articles, and that is what you mostly see.

What would be a dream come true would be if one of these sites would come out with a feature that would try to group similar articles into a tree. So, instead of having to scroll through 10 posts from different feeds all titled exactly the same, all originally from the same place…then reposted, instead they could all be grouped together, and if that particular article looked interesting, I could open up that article tree and see everyone else’s post of that article….on the off chance one of them actually said something other than cut and pasting the entire post from somewhere else.

This is what I call a completely disorganized post. my brain told me to write and I did.

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