is there really a point to software keys?

Since I have recently had the luxury of building a growing amount of windows 2003/xp computers, I got to thinking. What is the point of software keys? there is not much that I hate more than typing in those stupid 25 charactor strings so that I can finish clicking on next buttons to complete the install.

Anyone with half a brain knows you can go and find a millions sites through google that have keys you can use for any program. Or, better yet, you can just use your friends or works copy.

If your a company, you can get audited, and that is the motivation to have legally purchased copies of everything. If your some home user, you have little motivation aside from morality issues with doing something illegal. So really, the way I see it, the main reason why people legally buy software is for 2 reason:

  1. Because it is illegal to use a pirated copy
  2. It takes too much effort to find a serial number that works

I bet more often than not (aside from companies installs) the reason is because it takes too much effort.

There really is no point to software keys. They are easy enough to obtain illegally, and they are just a pain in the ass for people who legally purchased the product.

If the only reason why someone actually buys the product is because they feel they should. If someone didn’t want to pay for a program, then they wouldn’t pay. They would get it from a friend or find a serial number online. So why make all your paying customers have to deal with all that licensing crap?

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