anti-social networking

This site has to be the best thing ever: Snubster

Its a Anti-Social networking site….

These lists can contain items or people. If you choose people, supply an email address to identify the person. The email address will remain private, but we’ll send them an email letting them know that they’re either on notice or that they are now dead to you.

On Notice Dead to Me
Things go on this list first. You can specify how long something is on notice. If there are no more infractions in this time period, they’ll automatically come off the list. Otherwise you can move them to your Dead to Me List Put things on your dead to me list when you’d like them on there permanently. They’ll only come off your list if you manually remove them.


  1. Aren’t “On Notice” and “Dead To Me” the categories that Steven Colbert uses on the Colbert Report?

  2. I am sure that those terms arn’t copyrighted. Or…maybe Steven Colbert is the maker of the snubster site….bet you never thought of that one

  3. maybe Steven Colbert is the maker of the snubster siteā€¦

    Actually, that didn’t occur to me at all…

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