everyone is so damn sue happy

As I have said before, I really hate the iPod for numerous reasons. Justified or not. But this is just stupid

Apple sued over iPod Nano replacement feesIf you buy a product that is a piece of shit, or can’t hold up to normal everyday use. That is your fault for buying it. Trying to sue the manufacturer over it is just hiding the fact that either you can’t take care of your own belongings, or that you made a horrible buying decision. My mp3 player had plenty of abuse and never had a scratch on it. That is irrelevant though. If I went and found some discount radio shack brand mp3 player for $10 and it fell apart after a week, that is my fault for buying it. Not the manufacturer for suckering me into purchasing their shoddy product. I doubt it said anywhere on the box for the iPod Nano “this thing never will get scratched!” or “still looks new after years of abuse!”

so just shut up and accept the fact you bought a piece of crap. Be happy that Apple is only charging you $25 to replace it. Even if it does scratch easy, go buy one of those stupid iPod cases and call it a day.


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