Your pet or your house?

For anyone that read any of the posts about my dog, or about the discussion on how much is too much to spend on a pet, this is todays tidbit.

Sell your house to save your pet’s life

If you want to catch up on the original discussion about this topic, along with my dogs past situation, here is my old post with all the links

The biggest problem I have with the whole article..and comments is how I find the parts about thinking pets and children are the same. That isn’t exactly what I meant, or I think any of the other commentors who said similar things. You shoud go read the article on, especially the comments. It is interesting, but still aggravating. I just can’t see the whole “gift card” point of view. Like you’re getting a pet, and attached to it is a gift card with whatever stupid made up amount of money you set on the pets life. Once the card runs out…bye bye sparky.

Here is the comment I left on that blog entry:

I can partially see the first commentors point (bruce) about the majority of the “pets are the same as children” are childless. Not clueless however. I have made that pates same as children statement a number of times, and as was mentioned in the post, most (if not all) people, probably including me would go to as extreme an extent, like selling your house, to save a pets life as for a childs life. Obviously I wouldn’t have first hand experience with making decisions like that with a child, but I am willing to bed most of the readers of this blog, including the first commentor have had to either, so you really can’t say what you would do. My point, which I have mentioned before here and elsewhere, is that if you are a responsible person, maybe even just a “humane” person, you shouldn’t have a set “death limit” for your pet. When my dog started having all the problem he did, some of which were similar to the one in this article, like the monthly fee for life part.

Your saying…as many of the commentors have, that you will just stop at $1500, and that is only if you decide it is “worth it”. So what happens when you hit $1500? do you tell your kid “sorry timmy, we had to kill sparky because if we spent any more, I would be dipping into the cable bill, and daddy would rather watch the superbowl”

That to me is irresponsible, and is just plain wrong. You shouldn’t be going into owning a pet with his death sentance already planned out. Sure, everything has its and I, just like probably anyone else that said they view their pets as children, would do whatever was necessary to say my kid. You’re not even giving your dog a chance. If your not willing to even attempt to make a sacrifice to save your pet, maybe even if it is only for another year, then you just plain shouldn’t have one. Get a fish tank, they are cheaper and don’t live as long.

You would really feel fine going to sleep the night after you put your dog to sleep when you hit that $1500 mark? especially knowing that their are plenty of reasonable sacrifices you could have made. It wouldn’t….and didn’t sit well with me to think that I chose cable TV, a better car, high speed internet access, a cell phone, or whatever other amenities you can think of over a pet…a companion…and a member of a member of the family, like your child, but I don’t think anyone said that they would treat both the same.

Setting a limit of $200 on a cat? many of them live a good 20 years. That is just cruel, which again ties into the whole child thing. When you read in the paper about some parent who had been abusing their kid or depriving the child in some way, that is cruel, and shouldn’t happen. Obviously not the same as with a pet, but a reasonable person can understand the differance. People spend $200 going to dunkin donuts. That is worth more than spending a little on your cat?

If you go into getting a pet with its death tally already planned out. Just do everyone who actually likes their pets a favor and just not get it.

I spent a ton of money to save my dog. He lived at least 2 years extra just because of that. The sacrifices I made were petty and insignificant. But I, am my dog enjoyed those 2 extra years. When the dog had to be put down when nothing else could be done, my younger brother had a real tough time dealing with it. The decision was all mine since it was my dog, but he lived with that dog his entire life, and now he had to watch him get put down. Fortunately he is old enough to understand why, but how do you parents that know so much more than me tell that to your 5 year old? Is the heartache and torment that they deal with worth anything? or is there a price on that too?

As I said in a previous comment on this topic, the $15,000 plus I spent just in the last 3 years of my dogs life were worth every penny. I would spend it again if it meant that I didn’t have to see how heart broken members of my family were. I would have continued the $80+/month for the shot that was stabilizing his system, and I would have gone further if it hadn’t reached the point where he couldn’t breathe on his own, and would have died…more painfully, on his own days later.

Maybe instead of setting a predetermined limit on a pets life, you should figure out what “adjustments” you could make in your life to keep him alive.

Or maybe instead just watch your kids cry when you needlessly kill your pet.

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