Cowboy hats for everyone

Who decided that cow boy hats arn’t socially acceptable?

I wish I was wearing a cowboy hat right now, and I wish I had one of those fake metal looking plastic deputy badges too.

I would sit at my desk…. with my six shooter and take shots at people whenever they came near me.

Better yet, I would decorate the walls of my cube “[tag]wild west[/tag]” style, and have a spitoon at the entrance to my cube, along with a piano playing that wild west music.

maybe I could have my cube just look like a big covered wagon. and every once in a while I would have to poke my head out the front to fight off some angry injuns. For lunch I could kill a [tag]buffalo[/tag], but I havn’t worked out yet how I could cook the meat.

The possibilities are endless, and it all starts with having a cowboy hat. Not that crappy one I bought before, not knowing it was “Aussie style” no one cares about Australian cowboys, but I get I could have had an excuse at that point to get a digeridooo. I would belt out sick tunes all day. Then, since the middle of my department is kind of close in, I bet we could have Kangaroo fights. None of my co-workers would go along with that, and would probably shake their heads and make their “mike is at it again” face. That is why I would have the six shooter. I would say bang! bang! and according to cowboy rules, they would have to dramatically fall backwards and break a wooden table.

Ahhh….the life. Some day [tag]cowboy[/tag] hats will be accepted by society and the old west will be back once again.

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