RSS feeds are killing me

I think every time I really go through all the [tag]RSS[/tag] [tag]feeds[/tag] I subscribe to, I end up subscribing to at least a couple new ones that day, which in turn leads to spending more time reading all these web sites I would have probably completely forgotten about otherwise.

I think reading all these feeds turned into some sick addiction. I log into [tag]News Gator[/tag], usually in the morning and immediately see the the massive number of unread articles. It is usually just shy of 1000, and I think that is only because of whatever article limits some of the feeds have. At that point, it is like some [tag]OCD[/tag] problem to try to get the number to 0.

The problem is, obviously as the day progresses the maintainers of all these web sites post more articles, which slowly raises the number back up. So you really can’t hit 0. It is just an illusion. So I then at some point throw in the towel and exit News Gator running. Only to come back the next day with another 1000 some odd unread articles, plus all the “saved clippings” I marked as being interesting that I slowly……very slowly go through. That number only keeps getting bigger.

My ownly hope is that all this reading will speed up my poor word reading rate. Then, maybe someday I can enjoy a book without spending 3 months reading it, even though that is partially due to “not having the time” to read, which is just a lie I use to give me an excuse to watch more tv. But now having a DVR is just as bad as the RSS feed reader. I am recording more shows than I manage to watch in a given day. On the positive side, my DVR only has 2 tuners in it, and once 6pm hits, chances are one, if not both of t hose tuners are recording some crappy show Aimee likes. Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, The O.C, Laguna Beach, and the likes of all similar shows should all be cancelled. However, if they are cancelled, then I will find more shows to record, which will end up being more shows I need to watch, because mentally, I cannot make myself delete a show I recorded without watching it most of the time.

That means I am not dependant on shows like Gilmore Girls to stop me from spending more time watching shows I like. Instead I sit, basking in the comforting glow of the TV, using my computer, probably reading articles in News Gator. Living the endless cycle over and over.

I got a book for christmas that I actually really do want to read, which is [tag]Secrets & Lies[/tag], by [tag]Bruce Schneier[/tag]. Christmas was a month ago and the book has not been touched. Maybe if the book was split into a long series of articles it could be stuck into the middle of my daily rotation.

Maybe all this article reading is training me to only have an attention span for 3 minutes at a time, then my eyes will just glaze over, and I’ll just be crying inside.

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