Reason #306 why I hate Windows and Microsoft

Late last week, one of the [tag]computers[/tag] in the design department died, and it turned out to be because the [tag]hard drive[/tag] went.

This particular person had a bunch of documents and such saved in her My Documents folder that would be sorely missed. A couple months back, I came accross a application suite that is supposed to be able to [tag]recover data[/tag] from “fucked” drives. (my words not theirs). Even to the point were the hard drive is making that deathly [tag]clicking sound[/tag]. I have used it with much success both of the times I have needed it before this.

The downside is that the application ONLY works in [tag]windows.[/tag] The suite lets you read data from a variety of file systems, [tag]NTFS[/tag], [tag]FAT[/tag](32), Mac crap, [tag]UFS[/tag], [tag]ext2[/tag]..etc. Basically it can read anything that has Windows, [tag]Linux[/tag], [tag]Mac[/tag] crap, or [tag]Solaris[/tag] on it. Why the manufacturer chose windows as the platform of choice? no idea, but hey, it works so get over it right?

So I put the [tag]IDE[/tag] drive in a [tag]USB[/tag] case and plug it into the USB port on the computer I had to install windows on, and let it run. The program takes a while to weed through the disk looking for stuff, and since by the time I had found a computer to use, installed windows plus all 567 patches from [tag]windows update[/tag], it was already friday afternoon, so the program was still analyzing the disk when I left work at 5:30.

I come in today after the long weekend, and the computer is sitting at the login screen. After it starts up, I see a pretty litty information box informing me that Windows has to install an important update, and [tag]automatically rebooted[/tag] the computer for me.

Oh thank you! I definately couldn’t have done that myself. It’s not like I updated the computer with every [tag]patch[/tag] available before I even started analyzing the drive on friday. So, now I get to start from square one again.

It takes a good 3-4 hours for this program to analyze the drive.

Microsoft is a bunch of dirty dirty [tag]whores[/tag].

And yes, I know that turning off automatic updates is an option, but that is not my point. My point is that if an application is open, maybe it shouldn’t automatically reboot the damn machine.

Also, the application suite is called [tag]Stellar Phoenix[/tag]. I highly recommend it. It hasn’t failed me once, and one time I had a 200 gig drive filled with everything I could think of, and I got almost all of it back after the drive died. It’s a bit pricey though

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