links of the day 1-3-2006

1. Dish Network drops Lifetime – everyone knows that channel sucks
2. High Speed Photography Flickr Group – a collection of high speed photos of various things, like a bullet (or some metal object) flying through a jello mold)
3. – its another social networking website, but its geared towards helping people, or asking other people for help (in many ways)
4. Elmo tells little kids they are going to die – that says enough
5. Make your own macro lens out of a pringles can – The howto is with a Canon EOS 20D, but it should apply to any 35mm SLR camera…including the one that I want that I don’t own
6. Make your own Ecosphere – I was in brookstone right before christmas and they were selling these things for like $40 or so, now you can make your own. Only when you touch it, the mall fire alarm won’t go off…like what happened to me

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