Links of the day 1-2-2006

Since I waste far too much time online, I figured I am going to try to start something new. kind of like an “Interesting links of the day” post every day.

You can subscribe to just the links RSS feed if you don’t want to be subjected to any of my other random posts.

So, here are the ones I stumbled across today:

1. 1000’s of archived schematics. If you are looking for electronic stuff to try building. This is the place to go. All for free
2. – an extension for firefox that effectively turns it into a bittorrent client. Its “not released” yet though. Bastards
3. Which gun suck, which guns rock….in Iraq – not sure how accurate this is, but still kind of interesting
4. The History of Microsoft – I have mixed feelings about this one. Its a 9 minute video basically giving the history oof how microsoft sucks…but its produced by “MacTV” and is all maccentric. Which is bad in my book, but sometimes youo have to make friends with the enemy….
5. The stabilizied Zabruder film – don’t know if it is really just digitally stabilized, or if it is a hoax, but still interesting. I never really got to watch the whole film anyway. Maybe I should have at least rented JFK at some point (from
6. How to grow tomacco – if you are in any way a simpsons fan, you know what this is.

  1. The gist of JFK is “Back, and to the Left. Back… and to the Left.”

    Oh, Kevin Costner…

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