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Appalachia loves Lens Crafters

I was in [tag]LensCrafters[/tag] the other day, and the salesperson for some reason started talking endlessly about how we shouldn’t throw out any of our old or outdated [tag]glasses[/tag] because the people of [tag]Appalachia[/tag] have never had glasses and Lens Crafters…the good samaritans that they are, send the glasses (along with optomotrists or something) to Appalachia, and try to find someone that is close to as blind as you were, then they get your crappy scratched glasses, and get to see somewhat clearly now.

For some reason the whole story made me think of the episode of [tag]Seinfeld[/tag] where Elaine is helping her old boss get rid of the muffin bottoms from the “Top of the morning to you!” store by donating them by the trash bag full to homeless shelters, and some lady from the homeless shelters comes by and yells at them for giving them muffins without the tops, and yells about who would want muffins without a top.

Either way, donating the glasses is definately a much better idea than just tossing them, but I cant help but picture some Alpacian (is that what they are called) fella getting his set of glasses…being able to see things so much clearer now…..

and then saying Fucking assholes! who sends a pair of glasses with a huge scratch in the middle!

Universal Service Fund Tax on VoIP Providers remains a top priority by FCC – VOIP Blog

I think I pay enough taxes as it is, there is no reason why anyone should have to pay a tax for [tag]VoIP[/tag] communications over an internet connection that you most likely already have to pay [tag]taxes[/tag] for. Since when was double taxation okay?
Universal Service Fund Tax on VoIP Providers remains a top priority by FCC – VOIP Blog


Want to avoid NSF charges when you receive a check?

This mostly applies if your a small business/consultant, but read this: Avoiding NSF charges

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How much would you be willing to spend to save a pets life? (Cont…)

A while back I read a post on [tag]Free Money Finance[/tag] about how much people are willing to spend to save their pets life.

The author, obviously had a difference in opinion about how much to spend on a [tag]pet[/tag], and didn’t agree with my comments. Read the last paragraph of this post to see his response to my comment

Read the post I made on that a while back where he completely missed the point I was trying to make.

He made another post about it today, and I think further misunderstands the way things are for pet owners who actually treat their pets as anything more than a car purchase.

[tag]Pet insurance[/tag] doesn’t work anywhere near the same as health insurance for people work. All the pet insurance companies I have come across drop you as a customer when your pet reaches a certain age, with my dog I think it was around 8yrs old. Also, the insurance benefits long run out before any form of a major problem is taken care of.

The one thing he is right about is that there are plenty of reasons to think over before you get a pet. If you can’t take on the responsibility, or just toss a pet to the curb as soon as a problem comes up, then no, you (or him) should not have a pet.

Banks are money grubbing whores. Suprise!

Look at this little tidbit of info about banks from this site

  • Average ATM fee rose to $2.91, all time high.
  • Americans pay est. $4.3B in withdrawal fees (Bankrate)
  • Insufficient funds fee fell to $26.90 from $27.13
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    Mail spool full on a Postfix mail server

    The default maximum [tag]mail spool[/tag] size in [tag]postfix[/tag] is 51200000 bytes. Since I get a trillion emails a day and only delete the small amount of spam that sneaks through my works spiffy mail filter, I apparantly went over the limit today. That is really sad considering I almost emptied my inbox maybe 2 months ago. I guess that goes to show that noone at my work uses the ticketing system like they are supposed to. Which is why I like them all so much.

    Anyway, if you want to change the limit to a differant value, you just have to change one line in the postfix config and restart postfix.

    If you have some version of the default postfix config, edit the and look for this line:

    virtual_mailbox_limit = 51200000
    if it isn’t there, just add it to the bottom, that way in case you missed it in the config, postfix will read your new entry last and overwrite the pre-defined value that you missed. If it is there, make sure its not defined at later on in the config as well, because then your changes won’t make a difference

    Change it to whatever you want the new max queue size to be. I decided an extra 50 megs would be good, so mine looks like this:

    mailbox_size_limit = 151200000

    Then save the file and type:

    postfix reload

    now you’re all set, and you can now laugh at all the stupid other people at work that are stuck using Lotus Notes and have to purge their mailbox every 30 days before it gets deleted….or “archived”

    A massive mesh network

    Since I obviously have a major say in the business decisions of companies like [tag]Clear Channel[/tag]. I decided that since all their [tag]billboards[/tag] are usually around normal building height, and almost all of them have power to light up the stupid signs at night, they should install [tag]WiFi[/tag] [tag]routers[/tag], or any preferrably a better high speed [tag]wireless[/tag] technology in all the signs. They could make a massive [tag]mesh network[/tag] out of property they already own or lease, They could probably throw a couple cell phone [tag]repeaters[/tag] in there as well, but for all I know they might be too low.

    From the 30 seconds of research I did, Clear Channel alone ownes over 775,000 billboards nationwide. If I spent more time writing this I could probably mention how many other companies owne, but I figured this was enough information for someone to steal my idea.

    In the end my only goal is for [tag]comcast[/tag] to actually have some competition in the broadband internet access market so the market will force them to lower theirridiculously outrageus prices on their over-exaggerated bandwidth claims

    I found a reason to like Macs

    Okay, I take back all I have said. There is a use for those stupid looking Mac G4’s

    Drunk Dialing

    I wonder what would have happened if these guys pressed the onstar button and asked for a ride, like those curtesy ride things that a lot of colleges do to keep from you getting stabbed and/or raped while walking home

    The Beer Belly

    The Beer Belly. It’s an actual fake gut that you can fill up with beer (or your favorite alcoholic beverage) and hide under your clothes. Made up of a sling and a polyurethane “bladder” with a dispensing tube, the thing was created to let you slip booze into places where such substances may not be allowed.