thank god for googles cache

I was talking with darren the other day about how it sucks that my entire blog got erased during the [tag]server crash[/tag]. Everything I wrote from like october 2004 until the crash was completely gone. It was my own fault for not keeping [tag]backups[/tag], but anyway

I figured some site somewhere had to have [tag]cached[/tag] all of my stuff, because you cant get rid of anything on the internet. It is always floating around somewhere. I could have sworn I looked through [tag]google[/tag] before, but after darren mentioned it to me again, I did a good search and managed to dig up 150-200 some odd blog entries I had made.

I tried automating the whole process of retrieving them from googles cache, but i was a little to aggressive and google banned my work from using google after I tried it. Then I left pretending nothing happened.

I am sure no one cares, and most of the posts were crappy and useless, but there were a bunch I liked and didn’t want to lose. So, now that I have all that I could get from google, I am going to be slowly back posting them in this blog.

Whoopty doo

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