Appalachia loves Lens Crafters

I was in [tag]LensCrafters[/tag] the other day, and the salesperson for some reason started talking endlessly about how we shouldn’t throw out any of our old or outdated [tag]glasses[/tag] because the people of [tag]Appalachia[/tag] have never had glasses and Lens Crafters…the good samaritans that they are, send the glasses (along with optomotrists or something) to Appalachia, and try to find someone that is close to as blind as you were, then they get your crappy scratched glasses, and get to see somewhat clearly now.

For some reason the whole story made me think of the episode of [tag]Seinfeld[/tag] where Elaine is helping her old boss get rid of the muffin bottoms from the “Top of the morning to you!” store by donating them by the trash bag full to homeless shelters, and some lady from the homeless shelters comes by and yells at them for giving them muffins without the tops, and yells about who would want muffins without a top.

Either way, donating the glasses is definately a much better idea than just tossing them, but I cant help but picture some Alpacian (is that what they are called) fella getting his set of glasses…being able to see things so much clearer now…..

and then saying Fucking assholes! who sends a pair of glasses with a huge scratch in the middle!

  1. Hi Mike– it’s Janelle..I’m not sure if i still have your email address, so if you see this- please email me… do ya have mine?!

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