Mail spool full on a Postfix mail server

The default maximum [tag]mail spool[/tag] size in [tag]postfix[/tag] is 51200000 bytes. Since I get a trillion emails a day and only delete the small amount of spam that sneaks through my works spiffy mail filter, I apparantly went over the limit today. That is really sad considering I almost emptied my inbox maybe 2 months ago. I guess that goes to show that noone at my work uses the ticketing system like they are supposed to. Which is why I like them all so much.

Anyway, if you want to change the limit to a differant value, you just have to change one line in the postfix config and restart postfix.

If you have some version of the default postfix config, edit the and look for this line:

virtual_mailbox_limit = 51200000
if it isn’t there, just add it to the bottom, that way in case you missed it in the config, postfix will read your new entry last and overwrite the pre-defined value that you missed. If it is there, make sure its not defined at later on in the config as well, because then your changes won’t make a difference

Change it to whatever you want the new max queue size to be. I decided an extra 50 megs would be good, so mine looks like this:

mailbox_size_limit = 151200000

Then save the file and type:

postfix reload

now you’re all set, and you can now laugh at all the stupid other people at work that are stuck using Lotus Notes and have to purge their mailbox every 30 days before it gets deleted….or “archived”

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