A massive mesh network

Since I obviously have a major say in the business decisions of companies like [tag]Clear Channel[/tag]. I decided that since all their [tag]billboards[/tag] are usually around normal building height, and almost all of them have power to light up the stupid signs at night, they should install [tag]WiFi[/tag] [tag]routers[/tag], or any preferrably a better high speed [tag]wireless[/tag] technology in all the signs. They could make a massive [tag]mesh network[/tag] out of property they already own or lease, They could probably throw a couple cell phone [tag]repeaters[/tag] in there as well, but for all I know they might be too low.

From the 30 seconds of research I did, Clear Channel alone ownes over 775,000 billboards nationwide. If I spent more time writing this I could probably mention how many other companies owne, but I figured this was enough information for someone to steal my idea.

In the end my only goal is for [tag]comcast[/tag] to actually have some competition in the broadband internet access market so the market will force them to lower theirridiculously outrageus prices on their over-exaggerated bandwidth claims

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