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Alaska Airlines doesn’t like wimpy customers

So is video taping your plane crashing all the rage these days? first it was jet blue, now Alaska Airlines has a cabin depressurization when a hole springs up, and one of the passengers took pictures and video with his phone. Apparantly people didn’t think he was a tough guy.


How much would you be willing to spend to save a pets life? (Cont… again)

If anyone was following either of the past 2 posts/comments on made on the discussion on, I think the author hit the nail on the head with his third comment:

3. Whatever you’d spend to save your pet, it’s likely that it will be an expensive choice. If you are willing (like many people are) to spend $2,000 or more to save your pet, you better be saving up for it now. It’s a future expense that’s highly likely for many pet owners.

On an oddly related note. I spent a good portion of the day today back posting all the blog entries I had lost when my server crashed a few months back. google had everything still cached apparantly, and I just finished putting back up the 2 posts from when my dog had to be put to sleep. Now that him passing away is months behind me, looking back I still feel like I should of, and maybe could have done more. With that decision comes the need for more money, which is why if your going to have a [tag]pet[/tag], you should be prepared to have to make some tough decisions, and do what is best for your pet instead of maybe you’re wallet.

I always have a never-ending list of material possessions I would like to own. Right now I really want to get a digital SLR to replace my 35mm one, and on top of that is all the money we are supposed to be saving for our wedding in september. It’s debatable what I would have done financially if none of my dogs medical problems ever existed, but I am willing to bet the rough estimate of at least $15,000 I spent over the last few years of his life would still be around to some major extent. I would probably have that digital camera right now. I probably wouldn’t still owe my mother so much [tag]money[/tag], since luckily when I needed it, she has always pulled through as being the “bank” and lending me the money I needed at an unbeatable interest rate. Saving all the money that my fiance and I need for our wedding might not even be a problem.

Knowing what I know now, and knowing how many other things that money could have gone to doesn’t change a thing. I would spend that again in a heartbeat if something happened with a future pet, and I still wonder if putting him to sleep was the right thing, or if I should have tried the last 3 tests even though the chances of him even surviving the tests were so slim…let alone the tests even leading to something that could be fixed.

Maybe the real question is how much are you willing to spend on guilt? I guess either way..for guilt or for saving a pet, the end result is still the same. You shouldn’t put a price tag on the people (and pets) that you love, and for that matter, if you don’t love the pet (hopefully not the person either) than you shouldn’t get a pet, possibly leaving its fate in life completely in your wallet

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Deweys thoughts on life

Like Pastor Roy said, how God is so much bigger and wiser than us, and trying to see what He’s thinking would be like an ant trying to see what I’m thinking. Like me with the anthill in my backyard. I spent days watching the ants, trying to figure out which ones were good, and which ones were bad, but they all just looked like ants, so I started smiting all of them. I was smiting them with the garden hose, and with lighter fluid, and with the lawnmower, and to be perfectly honest, I think I went a little crazy with the shovel. Those ants could have been praying to me all day, I wouldn’t have heard them. *ponders* There was nothing they could do about it.

– Dewey (Malcolm in the Middle)

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old but I am making it new

Keep this with you always:
You are not your job.
You are not how much you have in the bank.
You are not the contents of your wallet.
You are not your fucking Khakis.
You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.
You are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world

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10 weight-loss myths….busted

Not like I anything I say is usually right, but this article has a lot of weight-loss related myths, and why they arn’t true. You should take a look at it….now

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thank god for googles cache

I was talking with darren the other day about how it sucks that my entire blog got erased during the [tag]server crash[/tag]. Everything I wrote from like october 2004 until the crash was completely gone. It was my own fault for not keeping [tag]backups[/tag], but anyway

I figured some site somewhere had to have [tag]cached[/tag] all of my stuff, because you cant get rid of anything on the internet. It is always floating around somewhere. I could have sworn I looked through [tag]google[/tag] before, but after darren mentioned it to me again, I did a good search and managed to dig up 150-200 some odd blog entries I had made.

I tried automating the whole process of retrieving them from googles cache, but i was a little to aggressive and google banned my work from using google after I tried it. Then I left pretending nothing happened.

I am sure no one cares, and most of the posts were crappy and useless, but there were a bunch I liked and didn’t want to lose. So, now that I have all that I could get from google, I am going to be slowly back posting them in this blog.

Whoopty doo

Weight Loss site

I was reading today, and they wrote a post about an interesting site:

Read the little writeup at, but the site is I signed up for their free account, and although I havn’t given it a real good look yet, it seems very similar to, which was the site I used last year when I was trying to bulk up a bit (well I still am, just got incredibly lazy) had a membership fee, and this site actually looks a little better, and is apparantly free now

Internet Explorer vs. Mozilla/Firefox

According to this article….

Scanit, an internet security company, has reported that in browser vulnerability tests, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was unsafe 358 days out of 365. On the other hand, the Mozilla family of browsers together were left exposed for only 56 days out of the year.

The Rainbow connection

I don’t know why, but for the entire last week (including today) i have that “Rainbow Connection” song Kermit the Frog sings stuck in my head. I havn’t the song any time recently so I don’t know how it got there, poor kermit was so sad when he sang that song….

Evolution talk at the VFW

Apparantly you don’t need to be old, or a veteran, or have been in a foreign war to go to the bar in the [tag]VFW[/tag], but in any event, to clear up any confusion from last night. There are 4 racial classifications for us human folks.


Apparantly Capoid “sometimes” is used, which I don’t quite understand.
But, Amanda was right. Mongoloid was/is a term used to describe people with Down Syndrome, but is considered offensive and is “no longer used that way”.

Mongoloid is mainly used to describe the majority of people in Asia. According to Wikipedia, that includes the people of North,East,Southeast,Central, and West Asia. Apparantly West Asians don’t get to be included

Thats the history lesson for today