The devices along the highways in MA

A while back, i wrote about all the wierd camera like devices evenly spaced along route 3, along with sporadically placed along 495, 95, and 93. After getting a look at the side of one of them with a pair of bincolulars. They say “EIS” on the side of them, and a quick search on google showed that they are called “Elevated Imaging Systems” they are part of a suite of products for monitoring traffic, either through camera surveillance or microwave. The majority of the devices along the highway are called RTMS’s (Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor). Route 3, since it was recently remodeled, had them all hardwired into the road system, and have use what appears to be this sensor:

It detects the presence of traffic and measures specific parameters in multiple independent lanes. It looks like Route 3 might be using this whole Freeway Traffic Management System, but from my rough measurements, all the sensors are spaced a little over 2 miles apart, and these claim they need to be 300-500 meters apart, but they might be diagonally spaced on each side of the freeway instead. Route 3 also uses video surveillance, however given the height and angle of the cameras, it looks like it is just to view the traffic, although The Traffic Group, Inc. claims it can scan license plates in high volumes, but according to theirĀ  website, they seem to only be doing that as a pilot program on I-83 for traffic studies

The other roads, (495, 93, and 95) all being much older, have these temporary installs instead:

Remote Traffic Counting Package

These are pretty much the same deal as the hardwired ones, but they are made to be put anywhere and can store data to be retrieved at a later date, along with being solar powered.

  1. I know you have the GPS data somewhere. Get it for me, so I can map it.

  2. I have to try to find it. I think I have it archived on a hard drive, after I have my computer all unpacked at my new apartment, I will try to get it. It used to be on, but…well…you know

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