The Venga Bus is coming

Friday night was the big Bustonian party bus trip with John, Janelle, Cheryl, Stephanie, her boyfriend, and like 15-20 of his crazy rowdy friends.

When we got to Cheryls, we found out someone broke into the bus and stole the kick-ass stereo system it had, so…in a pinch, the driver brought like a $40 boom box to hold us over. It sucked so bad it had to be passed around the bus periodically so everyone could hear music. But, everyone in good cheer, and being WELL STOCKED with beer, we made the best of it and partied on. So while drinking it up, we headed on to the Harp, which as I may have mentioned before, is a fun place. The Zoo was playing there again, and like every time I have gone to the Harp, I ran into “Katie the bartender” again (see previous posts) and am supposed to call her (again), apparantly this time I am supposed to leave a number for her to call me back at if she doesn’t answer. What ever happened to caller ID?
I would say up until this point, I drank at least 2 beers (and 1/8 a bottle of Disarrano) on the bus, plus a beer, a jack and coke, and a shot (which Cheryl kindly bought me).

Anyway, after drinking more, we left, and drank more on the bus, and headed off to club #2…The Big Easy. This is when stuff starts to get hazy. From what I remember..
I got myself another jack and coke, gulped that down, and then decided that the coke part was trying to ruin my night and then asked for just a glass of jack. The hero of a bartender gave me basically a full glass (with ice in it) of straight jack, and then the fun really began. This was my first time in The Big Easy, and the place reminds me of a fancy southern ballroom (even though I have never been to one, or probably seen one) and there are parts along the dance floor where the floor steps up a level, like where the bar is, and the entrances and bathroom and such. By now I was quite drunk, and I would say I fell on those frigging steps a good 10 times. Right into people, I am suprised I didn’t get killed.

Then the dancing began. Apparantly Cheryl really likes to grind, and me being really drunk, figured what the hell, I know how to do that! Fun Fun times. Then later I need to go to the bathroom, and probably in a real slurred voice, told John to not only hold my drink for me, but to also “make sure noone takes it” you know how those greedy drink stealing bastards are!

He tastes it to see what the hell I was drinking, realizes its straight whisky, and decides its time to cut me off, and at least half my drink out, then hands it to me. Of course I had no clue, so I finished that off, and it was time to go.

Now things are really getting hazy.

We go outside, and are in the little Alley type thing The Big Easy is along, and we decide to get pizza from some pizza place that was apparantly there. I devoured 1 slice, then got Cheryl one since she didn’t have any money on her. From what I heard, she dropped it on the ground, we both dove for it, and proceeded to basically wrestle over it on the cold, wet, dirty, snow covered ground. It wasn’t even a whole slice, she had already almost finished it. I have a vague memory though of at least getting a bite out of it. So then Cheryl and I set out to try to find where the damn bus was. It was was like drizzling out, and was pretty damn cold, but we ventured on down the street to find it, We never did, Cheryl was freezing, and soaked, and was crying (from what I remember) so I let her wear the long sleeve dress shirt type thing I had on. Which meant I was now in just a t-shirt. I don’t remember being cold or anything, but apparantly people where saying I must be really wasted, because I looked like a happy camper.

While we were trying to find this bus, apparantly a bunch (or all) of Stephs boyfriends friends got in a big fight (with who? I don’t know. It might have been each other) and the police came, and broke it up, but apparantly noone was arrested, then we found the bus driver, who apparantly was actually in the bar (thats a scary thought) and back on the bus we go.

Now I am really drunk, which usually leads to sleepy time for Mike, and that I did. Apparantly I feel asleep with my legs way out in the aisle, and John woke me up and told me if I am going to sleep, i need to go lay down on the seat on the back of the bus, so I go back there, fall back asleep, and shortly after, apparantly the bus went over a big bump, and according to John, I flew up in the air, still laying down and asleep with my shirt as a pillow, landed on the ground, still in the same position, and continued to sleep.

The ground was soaking wet, in water, beer, and who knows what else (later on, piss too apparantly, but that was after I was awake).

By now, the bus driver hated us all, some of the people on the bus were yelling out the window, one kid pulled his pants down, shoved his dick out the window, and pissed down the street as the bus was driving. Another one tossed a glass bottle out the window at a car, which then followed us, made the bus pull over, got on the bus, and wanted to fight everyone.
These were all from Stephs boyfriends winner group of friends (not all of them sucked though)

The bus driver apparantly really wanted to make his nights worth of money, since he is payed by the hour, and basically refused to drive us home until the time was up, despite the fact that Steph kept trying to make him just bring us home.

Although I don’t remember a bit of this, this girl I met for the first time at Cheryls halloween party, who had also been on the bus, came back and was talking to us, and was all angry claiming none of us liked her, and was mad at me because I didnt remember who she was (from my halloween pictures you can see in the halloween post in october)

For the record. I thought she was one of the coolest people at the halloween party. She was drinking from a metal goblet! nothing is better than that. She is hot too, and she had been talking to me. Its a winning combination. Hell, if she didn’t have a boyfriend, I would be asking her out (another rejection is always fun).

I went up to the front of the bus to talk to her (probably because I was yelled at) and somehow ended up holding that crappy boom box. This shithead sitting across from me, one of Stephs boyfriends friends. Said something to me. I wish I remebered what the hell it was, but apparantly it was fighting words (at least in my book) I think he was starting shit and saying something about how I better not put the boom box down or something. Whatever it was, I was pissed. I walked away to the back of the bus, go over to John, and just keep saying, I was being the bigger man, I just walked away….I just walked away. John looks over to see what I am talking about, and the shithead is laughing and pointing at me to his friend. I think they were planning something. So at that point, John, being the good friend that he is. walks up to them and starts yelling at them. A fight almost breaks out, the bus pulls over again, and the bus driver tells us that if one more person stands up or does anything, he is dropping us all off right there.

So now angry Mike comes out. He hasn’t been around in a while. But he was out and pissed. I had my mothers digital camera on me, which I didn’t want to break, so I started taking out all my belongings and handing the to Janelle. I had it all planned out. The second we got off the bus, this kid is dead. I was down to my t-shirt, and my empty pants. and I sat there for a good 20 minutes (it might have been 5 for all I remember) with the look of death on my face staring at this kid. Stephs boyfriend came over a couple times to get me to chill out, and so did some other kid, but for some reason I was real unhappy. Oddly enough, I have NO IDEA at all what the kid had even said to me. Noone does. The bus finally gets to Cheryls house, and I am ready for go time. But the kids got off the bus and quickly walked away to Cheryls house, and we just headed home. Luckily John stopped drinking hours earlier, or else I would be sleeping with those kids.

All and all it was a fun time. And for those of you that just came for the pictures (too bad I got drunk too fast to keep taking pictures) I purposely put them at the end of this post so that you would have to go through all of my ramblings. Sucks to be you huh?

Here they are: The Party Bus Pictures

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