A quick tour of the Sun Ultra 20

The other day I got my new Sun Ultra 20 workstation for my desk at work. Sun did a pretty good job putting it together, and if I wasn’t poor, I would probably buy one for my house. However, since I have no money, i’ll just pretend I own things through what my work provides me. It came with a gig of memory, onboard RAID, sound, ethernet, SATA, and an AMD Opteron 148 CPU. The hard drive is something like 74 gigs, and this model also included the optional nVidia 3D digital dual head video card.

Ultra 20 front

The case is all metal, and has 2 firewire, 2 USB ports, a mic jack, and a heaphone jack. I noticed already that the headphone jack on the front of the computer (there is also the normal one on the back of the computer) has a ton of interference. You can hear hard drive noise, and even interference from the mouse every time you move the mouse or do anything.

Ultra 20 back

On the back of a the case, there is nothing at all special going on, its as normal looking as you would expect. The fans, are real quite and are some of those fancy smanshy smart fans that powers up and down depending on how busy or hot the computer is, so during normal operation, you can barely notice that it’s even on.

Ultra 20 back, PCI slots

The picture kind of sucks, but you can see that I got the optional 3D digital graphics card, which comes with an adapter that supports a dual head display. Also, the workstation has 3 PCI-X slots, and 3 normal PCI slots. It’s kind of dissapointing that there are no DB9 serial ports, which I often need, but I didn’t pay for it, so I guess I don’t really care. Also, I could always get a USB-DB9 serial port converter and be just fine.

Ultra 20 - HD

I was real happy with the fact that Sun used the same hard drive mounting rails they use on virtually all of their servers/workstations nowadays. The motherboard has built in support for hardware base RAID, and uses those new spiffy SATA drives.

Ultra 20 - SATA

This is so much cleaner looking than old IDE or SCSI cables.

Ultra 20 - CDROM

To further going along with the “no screws involved” plan, the CD/DVD-ROM uses some quick-release contraption for those days when you are on the move.

Ultra 20 - CPU

You can see there is a ton of empty space in the case. You can actually see right through from the front to the back of the case from the outside, and look at the fancy baffling setup that the CPU fan has.

Ultra 20 - BIOS Code

Look at the 2 character LCD display in the middle of the picture. Instead of using horrible speaker beeps or those dumb color coded LED’s to tell you about hardware problems, it just displays the error code for you to go cry about

That’s my little tour of the Ultra 20.

  1. In-depth photos. One word: g33k

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