Monthly Archives: August 2005

Damn good luck

This friday I was over Johns house hanging out, just having a fun ‘ol time. Around 1:30am hits, and I decide its time to go home, so I head out to my car, and the passenger side door (facing the street) is wide open. I go to check out why, and sure enough someone stole a bunch of stuff from my car. They grabbed my two bags, which have close to everything I can think of in them. They didn’t bother with the case of CD’s or the radar detecter a foot from where the bags were.

The first bag was my “laptop backpack” and it had in it my works laptop, my digital camera, my little GPS receiver, the wireless card for my laptop, my glasses, and a little portable hard drive. It sucks enough that all that got stolen, but what sucks even more is that I kept putting off (for some reason) backing up all the stuff I had on that laptop, so now I lost countless hours of stuff, all kinds of important files, just a ton of crap that i’ll never get back.

the other bag had all my papers and stuff in it. like bills, and the paperwork involved with my “reckless driving” case. I had tons papers and bills in there because sometimes I work on that stuff at work, sometimes at home.

Ironically enough, one of the papers in that bag was a supeana to appear in court for the time I was mugged 3 years ago, when they stole…

My laptop bag and my portfolio bag, both containing earlier versions of what was stolen this time.

I figured I would waste some time and call the Saugus Police, but as usual, not wanting to lose their reputation, they were completely useless. Not only did it take them a full 30 minutes to make it to a location probably a mile and a half from the police station, but the loser that arrived didn’t even get out of his car. He just told me “you should have locked your door” He then claimed that in his “10 years working this area, he has never heard of any problems on this street”. That was after I mentioned to him that last year, someone drove down the street smashing windows with a bat or something. Also, John’s next door neighbor had his jeep broken into, they cut open his soft top and stole the stereo. Oh, but no problems at all.

I have a couple ideas of who might have done it, but not really any way of proving it, so as it always works out, I am sure they will get away with it, and too bad for me.

Maybe the kid that stole it will make enough money pawning all my stuff that he overdoses on whatever drugs he used the money for.