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why I hate the ipod

Since the beginning of time, I have always had a problem with stupid fads and unwarranted hype, and any other stupid reason why things that shouldn’t be popular make it into the mainstream. Actually, more often then not, I hate things just because they are mainstream. No, by no means am I claiming to be some rebelious young lad, or any of that anti globalization or anti establishment crap.

Its pretty much just the way I am. However, I think in the end, the pointless dislike I have towards certain things actually materialize into real reasons.

I have hated Apple, probably every product to come out under their name, since I was in the 5th grade. I hated how everyone had this massive misconception that if you are doing graphics design, or any form of publishing, if you wern’t using a Mac, you were doing something wrong.

What I hate even more than their fruity computers and stupid designs is the Ipod.

Why do I hate Ipods? many many reasons.

First. I hate how when people (or the media) refer to mp3 players, they have to refer to the Ipod. There are a multitude of other mp3 players that exist that are the same or better than the Ipod. Most of the time they are cheaper, have more disk space, and are often better designed, especially since other companies are coming out with new mp3 players every day, and Apple continues the same design of the Ipod month after month..for a couple years now.

I hate the stupid touch sensive knob. I think it is a horrible design.

I hate how Apple forces you to use ITunes to connect your IPod to the computer. ITunes is overrated (like the IPod) and has a shitty interface. Most other mp3 players just show up as a drive on your computer, and you can drag songs and files back and forth however you want. You can use whatever you want to listen to the songs on the player as well.

I hate how everything Apple makes now starts with an “I” Just like every statement in the entry

I hate the fact that everyone that gets an IPod that I see keeps the junky white earbud headphones that came with it. They know they arn’t any good, but if you actually got a good pair of headphones, you would lose the whole fashion statement of having a classy IPod strapped to you.

I just got bored with this, and since it’s past 5, I am leaving work. Its Friday, and I am happy.

Saugus and PKS Associates can get hit by a bus

I moved out of Saugus, and Massachusetts in mid February. When I moved out, I also sold my car. I told the post office I moved, and I cancelled my registration with the RMV

Then Saugus decides I still live there, and send me an excise tax bill on a car I don’t own, from a town I don’t live in for $86.

Since I am lazy about everything, I put it off a bit, then eventually sent a letter to Saugus saying I don’t live there and to go screw. Meanwhile I get a letter from some place called PKS Associates. They claim to be the Deputy Collector of Taxes, and they sent me a little pink piece of paper with the word DEMAND in big letters at the top. Since pink paper is real expensive, they also charged me an extra $5.00, on top of the $86 I owe on a car I don’t own.

Meanwhile Saugus sends me a letter saying they want all kinds of proof I moved, so I send them every bill I had, and they eventually mail me back with some tax abatement thing. They did me the kind favor of lowering the tax I owe to only $22.00, but since Saugus can’t afford computers or typewriters, hand written on a piece of paper was a note saying “you still owe other fees, talk to the tax collector” and they enclosed directions in maybe size 40 font saying how to get to the Deputy Tax Collector from Saugus. Apparantly Saugus doesn’t have phones either. Maybe with my $22.00 they can buy one of those new fangled cordless phones.

Then, shortly after that, I get a yellow piece of paper from PKS Associates. This one says “WARRANT” in big bold letters. Yellow pieces of paper cost more that pink ones, and they charged me $10.00, and the writing on the piece of paper costs $12.00.

So I wrote a letter telling them to screw, but never sent it to them. Apparantly I really am lazy.

Now over the weekend they sent me a big piece of paper. It was a full 8.5×11 page! this one was a nice greenish blue, and it was hand delivered to my parents house (where I don’t live) yet again. This one says “FINAL WARRANT” and they threatened me saying that if I don’t send them $133.45, they are going to break my legs, and tell the registry not let me renew my license or renew my car registration. You know, on the car I don’t own, and on the license in the state I don’t live in.

I called them today, and some nice spanish speaking american tried telling me that the service charges are “state law” and there is no way he can reverse them, even though they had incorrect records, and also that Saugus spent over a month refusing to accept the fact that I moved away, or even that the car doesn’t exist. I asked him to tell me where in the Massachusetts law it says he can’t reverse the service charges, and he puts me on hold for a minute, then comes back and says “50″ thats it. Just the number 50. I tell him that isn’t the law, there has to be another number, he puts me on hold, comes back and says “oh sorry, it was actually 5,0″ the asshole made it up.

The funny part is that section 50 of Mass. General Law is all about taxes, so I read the whole section, especially the various parts on excise tax yet not once did it say that fine or services charges were required. The only mention even of a fee was for if you don’t pay the final warrant, and how after they submit the fee to the RMV, it will cost me another $20 to reinstate my license.

So I am debating this in my head now:
1) I don’t have a MA license, or a car registered in MA
2) My license is inches away from being suspended anyway. Maybe I should tell them to wait in line.