reckless driving

Apparantly the penalty for “wreckless driving” in New Hampshire is:

$200-$1000 fine, and your license gets revoked for 60 days.

I am beginning to wonder if maybe I should get a lawyer for whatever this court date is about. There is no way I was going that 103mph. Taking into account the details I put in my earlier post about getting pulled over, it seems even more unlikely.

If I go by myself, say my piece and hope for the best, I suppose there is a good possibility I could avoid the 60 day suspension part, and possibly some portion of the fine as well, but it seems like a pretty big gamble.

Then again, I think showing up with a lawyer automatically would piss off the Judge and everyone else involved, and that might kill any sympathy chance I had.

All I can say is that I can’t go 60 days without a license again. It was torture the first time it happened, and I was living in MA near a bus stop, now I will just be fucked. I think I will just have to go find a 6 foot length of rope and a chair.

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