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reckless driving

Apparantly the penalty for “wreckless driving” in New Hampshire is:

$200-$1000 fine, and your license gets revoked for 60 days.

I am beginning to wonder if maybe I should get a lawyer for whatever this court date is about. There is no way I was going that 103mph. Taking into account the details I put in my earlier post about getting pulled over, it seems even more unlikely.

If I go by myself, say my piece and hope for the best, I suppose there is a good possibility I could avoid the 60 day suspension part, and possibly some portion of the fine as well, but it seems like a pretty big gamble.

Then again, I think showing up with a lawyer automatically would piss off the Judge and everyone else involved, and that might kill any sympathy chance I had.

All I can say is that I can’t go 60 days without a license again. It was torture the first time it happened, and I was living in MA near a bus stop, now I will just be fucked. I think I will just have to go find a 6 foot length of rope and a chair.

NH State Police

So I think I officially dislike the NH state police more than the MA ones. This saturday I was driving up to UNH with Aimee to watch her sister in some dance recital. I am driving along in the left lane, and there is a decent amount of traffic on the road, then all of a sudden, a cop pops out from next to his car, almost steps into the left lane, and makes big arm gestures for me to pull over.

I slowly pull over, right behind the other cop car that was pulling over everyone else. I would say it was maybe a couple hundred feet away from the first cop. Now the first cop gets into his car and pulls up behind me, comes over, and claims he “clocked me going 103mph 70 yards from his car” then he takes my license and registration, comes back, and gives me a notice saying I have to appear in court on july 18th for “reckless driving”.

1) I was going with the flow of traffic, I seriously doubt the rest of the highway was also going 103
2) if I was in fact going that fast, wouldn’t I need to at some point start weaving from lane to lane? going at that speed, without ever changing lanes would mean at some point I would smash into a car going much slower in front of me.
3) If I was going that fast, how would I be able to pull over casually in such a short distance between the 2 cop cars?
4) The cop was using his radar gun in medium traffic from “70 yards away” how can he even prove the reading he got was even my car?

maybe if I am really lucky, I will lose my license again. Its not like I need it or anything…or that I was doing anything wrong

Those damn smart brazilians

Read this article:

Not only did they create Sepultura, but apparantly Brazil is one of the few countries that knows simple math. They realized they could save about 120 million a year by not using Microsoft software, and to top it off, refused to even have a meeting with Bill Gates.

Now if only they gave up on the soccer…..